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By Ossy Onuko

The present governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano is the only Governor in the history of Anambra State, with genuine desire to develop the hitherto devastated AWKA CAPITAL TERRITORY.

In my elementary policy evaluation class, I was thought that in ascertaining the impact of a policy, one must ask three important questions: 

1. What was?
2. What is? and 
3. What will be?

Juxtaposing this with the Willie Obiano development strides, three  questions comes to bear.

1. Has there been an infrastructural decay, ie. Are there government  infrastructures that were in better shape before Willie Obiano came that has gotten bad?

2. Has there been an improvement from what was before Willie Obiano came into power as par infrastructure? and

3. Are there laid down policies that will ensure a better tomorrow, in terms of infrastructure?

However, I chose to answer question number 1&2 with the following illustration: 

The Ifite road leading to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, was indeed a night mare for a lot  of students and visitors of the University plying that road, it got so bad that buses refused transporting students to school through that road, from 2009 to 2014, I used that road daily, so I am a witness of the havoc that all - important road created for our dear students.

It took the timely intervention of Chief Willie Obiano to fix that road, infact, when he came to flag it off, his traducers and naysayers did say that it was a campaign strategy which will be abandoned as soon as he wins. Alas he completed the road to their chagrin, they turned to say it was a low quality construction, even when a lot of them don't even know the name of any component used in road construction.

The pictures below are brand new inner city roads - Dan Maduka Avenue, Morgan Street, Victor Ndibe Street, Okongwu-Akah Street with a spur to former NYSC Secretariat Umueze, all in Amawbia town, Awka Capital Territory.  

Those of us who did private businesses at Amawbia cannot overemphasize the import of this road,  infact as a hotel manager few years ago at Amawbia, I did loose a lot of guests because of the inaccessibility of these roads.

But today,  Thank God Willie is Working!!!

I also afixed pictures of the brand new UNIZIK ifite road.

NB: I will answer the third question subsequently.

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