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Footballer Sacked By Club After Taking Pictures Of 16-Year-Old Girl While Having Sex.

Donnelly took a photograph of a 16-year-old girl while they were having sex in June 2016.
The 24-year-old admitted the charge in November and was sentenced to four months in January.
Donnelly, of Ardilea Drive in north Belfast, had been on bail pending the outcome of his sentence appeal.
Cliftonville said on Tuesday that they would “now take cognisance of the final judgement” but the club has come in for criticism for not sacking the striker immediately after his guilty plea.
It understood they will issue a statement on the sacking on Thursday.
The Irish Football Association’s (IFA) disciplinary committee is expected to meet next week to consider action against Donnelly.
The committee may decide to charge him with bringing the game into dispute.
Among the sanctions they could impose would be a six-month ban from football.

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