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Catholic Priest Kills Himself After Being Suspended For ‘Defilng’ A Little Girl.

According to reports, the cleric identified as Father Richard Bilé, a priest in service at the parish Saint Francis of Assisi D ‘ Affiénou (Maferé) in Ivory Coast, hanged himself over the case of paedophilia on the underage girl.
It was gathered that the church council met a few days ago, and notified him, on Tuesday, April 23, of their decision to suspend him for a few months of any eucharistic office over the case. 
After that, the cleric was said to have committed suicide.
Reports have it that this is not the first time the Reverend Father has been accused paedophilia.

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  1. This is so unreal... first that white Cloth is not of Catholic priests.. Secondly look at someone who hung himself yet his feet are 9n d ground..