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Amawbia Reaffirms Support To APGA.

The grand finale of Amawbia APGA rally at the Amawbia park was organized by who is who in Amawbia as part of the effort to reaffirm their commitment to APGA and to the government of HE Chief Dr Willie Obiano. Amawbia being the citadel of Anambra power reassures themselves of their mandate to vote massively  for all APGA candidates.

The Amawbia PG Chris Nwoye welcome all Amawbians to the occasion and reminded them to stand firm on their total support for APGA.

 The principal Secretary to the governor Hon Willie NwOkoye gave a minute silence for the souls of those who lost their lives at the fire disaster at Amawbia round about. He said that following the incident,  the governor has ordered for a redesign of that particular  roundabout and its link roads and has also awarded another link road that will pass through Amawbia to avoid the gridlock of traffic.  He listed all the good works of HE Willie Obiano and the need to vote APGA back to the house for the sustainance of the good works of the present administration. 

Hon Chuma Okoye Nwanayoeze solicited support of 98% vote from APGA electorates. Maka na nkea bu nke anyi.

Rt Hon Anayo Nnebe the hopeful House of Reps for Awka North and South constituency urged the community to also vote for all APGA candidates because there are lots they stand to gain. 

The National APGA Chairman , Dr. Victor Ike Oye, who earlier visited and condole with the Hausa community over some of their members  who lost their lives at the inferno gave a minute silence in honour of the deceased and those whose properties were destroyed by fire. He consoled them and promised  to table their matter  before the governor for urgent attention.

 He gave out some amount of money to assist in the burial of the victims, also supported those who lost their property in the incident with huge sum.   He called on all sons and daughters of Amawbia -eligible voters to always support this government who has given them so much. He promised to celebrate Amawbia in a grand style if APGA candidates come out victorious in the 16th Feb and 2nd March 2019 general elections.

Mazi Takuso protocol /media to the National APGA Chairman.

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