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9-Year-Old Boy Tries To Rob Jewelry Store With Fake Gun. See Photos

The incident happened in the city of Moreno, in the eastern Argentinian Province of Buenos Aires, on February 16.

Jewellery shop owner Nicolás García remained calm as he approached the boy and dragged him out of the shop without incident.

“The kid told me to give him everything, to not be a moron because he will ‘burn’ me,” Mr García told La Nacion . “I thought it was a toy gun, I could not imagine that he was talking to me seriously.”

He grabbed the boy and walked him out of the shop.

The boy’s 28-year-old mother, who identifies herself only as Daniela, recognised him from the security camera footage and confirmed the gun was a replica.

The mother-of-six said her son was expelled from school last year for dropping his trousers at a classmate.

She claimed threw away the fake gun as soon as she found out what had happened. Mr Garcia reported the attempted robber at his local police station after he received threats from relatives of the boy.

He was told by the police that the boy was under the age of criminality but they are investigating whether an adult was behind his actions.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2019/02/9-year-old-boy-tries-to-rob-jewelry-store-with-fake-gun-see-photos.html

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