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Zambian Minister Sichalwe Mistakenly Shares Porn In WhatsApp Group

A Zambian minister Lawrence Sichalwe has landed in trouble after as mistakenly shares Porn in WhatsApp group.

Police say the Zambian Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs committed the offence of being in possession of a pornographic video by virtue of him sharing it in a WhatsApp group.

According to media reports , Mr. Sichalwe claims to have mistakenly posted the video.

But Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo is of the view that whether Mr. Sichalwe posted the video by mistake or not , he committed an offence of being in possession of pornographic material.

She says there is no way a video can be shared if he wasn’t in possession of it.

She says since the law is not segregative , Mr. Sichalwe may be prosecuted even if he is a minister.

And when reached for a comment on phone , Mr. Sichalwe told Diamond news that he had no comment since everything is already on social media, and hung up the phone on the TV Reporter.

Source; https://lailasnews.com/zambian-minister-sichalwe-mistakenly-shares-porn-in-whatsapp-group/

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