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Millionaire Who Found Out His 3 Children Weren’t His – Offers Reward To Reveal The Real Father.

A millionaire is to offer a reward to unmask the real father of three boys he was duped for 20 years into thinking were his. Richard Mason, 55, plans to write a book revealing how he was tricked by ex-wife Kate, who has been told to pay him £250,000 for her deception.

He is said to be in torment and wants her on-off lover and the real father to come forward “for the sake of the boys”.
His new wife, Emma, 46, told The Sun: “Richard is hoping to write a book. In it he will offer a financial reward to anyone who can identify the real father.”

Richard, co-founder of moneysupermarket.com, divorced Kate in 2006. He gave her a £4million settlement and paid her £3,000 a month to help bring up the boys.

But two years ago he discovered he had lung disorder cystic fibrosis and had been infertile all his life.

Ex-wife Kate, now 54, confessed she had had an on-off affair but refused to name her lover.

DNA tests confirmed Richard was not the father of their 19-year-old twin boys although their eldest, now 23, refused to take part.

He also won a court battle to get her to return £250,000 of the divorce settlement.
Richard, who now lives with Emma in Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy, is also calling for routine DNA testing of babies to prevent paternity disputes in future.

Kate, who lives in a gated £1million home in Uttoxeter, Staffs, was not available for comment yesterday.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2019/01/millionaire-who-found-out-his-3-children-werent-his-offers-reward-to-reveal-the-real-father.html

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