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Whether we like it or not, the plain truth remains that something urgent needs to be done to pull Nigeria out of her present political and socioeconomic quagmire. Notwithstanding that a few persons and groups who are benefiting from the prevailing anachronistic federal system of government in the country are opposed to it, Restructuring of the Nigerian federation back to genuine practice of true or fiscal federalism would, to a very large extent, resolve today's nagging problems of the country. 

The uncompromising position of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA is that Nigeria should transform its present conventional six GEOPOLITICAL ZONES into six or more GEOECONOMIC ZONES for real progress and prosperity of the country and her various people. No matter how one pretends about it, the reality is that despite being banded together (without the people's consent), by our British colonial masters, Nigeria is actually made up of over two hundred and fifty Ethnic Nationalities whose cultures are not homogeneous but somehow contiguous. It was in realisation of this fact that the British government along with the Nationalists who fought for Nigeria's independence agreed that the country would practice the federal system of government in order to allow each region develop politically and economically at its own pace.

This was the situation until the 1966 military coup which overthrew the country's First Republic. Due to the Command Structure of the Army, the military which took over government naturally distorted the Nigeria's federal system of government. Irrespective of the fact that the country returned to democratic rule in the Second and present Fourth Republics, federalism in Nigeria has remained disjointed. This is mainly due to the fact that the 1979 and 1999 Constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were respectively written by military regimes. Therefore, military mentality are obviously reflected in the present Constitution of the country. In fact, some political pundits say powers vested on the President and State Governors who represent the executive arm of government are as overwhelming and overbearing as those of former military Heads of State of the country and Governors/Administrators of States.  

Unfortunately, the almost total reliance on monies accruing from the sales of crude oil (which constitute over ninety percent of Nigeria's foreign earnings), by the federal government made the federating units lazy since they collect monthly allocations from the federation accounts for their capital and recurrent expenditures. This was not the case before military intervention in 1966. In those days each of the then four federating units of Nigeria namely; the Northern, Eastern, Western and Midwest regions controlled their own resources and were to a very large extent self reliant and sufficient. Indeed the regions funded the federal government with certain percentages of their internally generated revenues.

This is exactly what APGA's Gbor/Chukwueke Presidency wants to repeat in the country for her prosperity, enduring peace, unity and stability. APGA is fully conscious of the fact that Nigeria would sooner than later live in a post-crude oil economy, and that something urgent needs to be done for the country's survival.

Embedded in the party's Restructuring Agenda are; IMPROVED and EFFECTIVE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SECURITY OF NIGERIA, to completely stop incessant herders/farmers clashes in parts of the country and the Boko Haram insurgency in Northeast Nigeria, ECONOMIC RECONSTRUCTION, to make the federating units economically viable and independent by direct control of their resources, unlike now that states go cap-in-hand to collect monthly allocations from the federation accounts, WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT including taking care of physically challenged persons by an office in the Presidency and ESTABLISHMENT OF RANCHES in Northern Nigeria, to permanently stop perrenial clashes and blood letting by herdsmen and farmers, especially in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria, among others. Consequently, APGA would give total support to the anti grazing Bills passed and signed into law by some state governments in Nigeria.

Vision Gbor/Chukwueke 2019 Team. 

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