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 There is no point denying the fact that two of the three leading political parties in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress, APC and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are dominated by desperate, unscrupulous and fantastically corrupt politicians. Both parties have in the past twenty years failed the expectations and delivered bad governance to Nigerians. 

On the contrary, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, which is evidently the third most powerful political party in the country is peopled mostly by decent and patriotic politicians who want the best for majority of the citizenry. APGA's commiyment to good governance and consistenncy in the delivery of quality and verifiable democracy dividends, is manifest in Anambra state, where the party has effectively held sway for thirteen years. 

APGA's credible performance is not necessarily due to the personae of its past and present governors, Mr. Peter Obi and Chief Willie Obiano, but largely because of egalitarian spirit, ingrained in the agenda and manifesto of the party. This formed the basic and fundamental principle on which the party was founded and built since its registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in 2002.

It is also for this reason that the party is more sincere than others in the clamour for the restructuring of the Nigerian Federation, with the aim of returning the country to true, fiscal federalism as was the case in the post independence era. However, the violent ouster of the First Republic by the military in 1966 and events following it, turned the tide.

It was indeed past military governments of Nigeria that actually bastardised the practice of the federal system of government in our country. The military also supervised the writing of the 1979 and the present amended 1999 Constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, thus introducing the skewed, unfair and unjust system of government which has brought untold suffering and economic instability in the country.

Truly, APGA is determined to ensure a paradigm shift from the present unpatriotic leadership in the country represented by the PDP and APC. The two parties had proved their incompetence by their colossal failure in managing the country's economy for over two decades. Yet, having mastered the art of rigging elections and manipulating results, they have fielded candidates for the 2019 Presidential elections, all in a desperate bid to hold or seize power. 

APGA, however, in keeping to its tenets, carefully, elected seasoned and principled personalities in Gbor and Chukwueke, to bear the Party's flag in the Presidential election. The duo, being men of integrity and having requisite administrative, management and military experience, intend to galvanise Nigerians into voting massively for their future. The need to put an end to the old ways of corruption, greed, nepotism, tribalism and ethnicism cannot be overemphasized. 

There's need therefore to mobilize all patriotic Nigerians to cast their votes for visionary leadership. A leadership that will introduce a new and restructured Nigeria. A leadership that will restore the pride of the giant of Africa and turn its econony around for good. It is expedient therefore, to vote APGA candidates in the forthcoming coming general polls. The chances of the party in the gubernatorial elections in many states is very high. It is also becoming evident that APGA will sweep through the National Assembly and State House of Assembly elections. 

It is important that all well meaning Nigerians arise to their responsibilities to vote massively for APGA in the coming elections. As we get ready for the elections, it behoves on everyone within the voting age to be fully equipped with the Permanent Voters Card, PVC, and use it effectively to vote in the real change for a progressive and prosperous Nigeria. Indeed, APGA is set to form the next government come May 29, 2019.

Vision Gbor/Chukwueke 2019 Team


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