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Are the rest candidates not relevant?

And why is the Vice presidential aspirant of the 3rd largest party in Nigeria, All Progressive Grand Alliance, (APGA) Chief Jerry Chukwueke not featured in the debate?

APGA is one of the three largest political parties in Nigeria. It is unconscionable that our candidate will be left out of the VP debate when smaller political parties  which do not have the reach or strength that our party commands across the country, were included.

Channels TV coalition chose the path of exclusion, and opted to muffle the voices of vibrant political parties and their candidates using a very opaque and alarmingly secretive system in a time when every Nigerian platform is learning to be more open, inclusive and accountable.

It is important that all the aspirants be invited for the debate because all the presidential candidates have equal rights and picking only few shows inequality and its very unfair.

All the candidates in the just concluded channels Tv debate except PDP are all APC sponsored And that is why they don't want someone like Jerry Chukwueke who would have hit them all hard.

We say no to CTV politics debate. #JerryChukwuekeMustBeIncluded.

It is such a shame that channelstv will allow themselves to be used to execute a total assassination of our democracy. So unpatriotic at this point when all we need should be about how to get better as a country.

Chief Jerry Chukwueke of APGA should be included in the Vice presidential debate.

Vision Gbor/Jerry 2019 Team

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