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We Will Fight Against Poverty and Revamp the Economy if Voted - Chukwueke

The Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Chief Jerry Chukwueke has pledged to employ the best hands to tackle the menace of poverty when elected into office, stressing that poverty underlies every crises in the country today.

Speaking to journalists at the Hilton Towers, Abuja recently, Chukwueke decried the deepening crises engulfing the country mostly along ethnic and religious lines. He described the problem as one that had been existing for long and therefore should have received necessary attention and solution.

"Nigeria is leading from behind as the world's poorest country today and sadly it is also the third most terrorised and unsafe nation in the world. This is a direct result of the abysmal failure of the PDP and APC to effectively manage the country's economy and security for the past 19 years.

"Worse still is the inability of the so called big political parties to manage our human and natural resources. Selfishness, avarice and nepotism have all but taken over selfless sacrifices and patriotism. PDP members are enmeshed in several corruption cases while those in APC are running a notoriously sectional and nepotistic government. The federal character structure has not been respected and there's no balanced representation of the people's interests."

Chief Chukwueke posited that it had become the norm for politicians to perpetuate poverty among the people so it will be easy to dangle goodies at them during elections. The youths are engaged as touts and muscle men to do the dirty jobs for the same politicians only to be abandoned once the elections are over.

This trend has caused disaffection and disillusionment among Nigerians who suffer gross dejection and abandonment once their service is no longer required by the overlord politicians. Many crises arise from this and more saddening is the deprivation of the basic amenities guaranteed the people by the constitution of the Federal Republic. The supposed custodians and executors of the people's rights are the same ones who selfishly line their pockets with the nation's wealth and wickedly deny the people their rights thereby subjecting them to lack and extreme poverty; increasing the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor.

"This is why APGA has come to change the narrative and give Nigerians a reason to believe in this country again. The party stands firmly on the mantra of 'no one and no place left behind'. We shall bring in the best Nigerians regardless of ethnic or religion or political leaning. We shall concentrate on merit and value and focus on deploying the best Nigeria has, to reposition the country."

Chukwueke opined that it is neither tribe nor religion that divides the country but poverty and lack of opportunity for the people. He emphasized the need for urgent and immediate attention to galvanise the revamping of the economy, stating that APGA is rightly positioned to do so.

"We have a model in Anambra state, where despite meagre resources, the prudence and effective management of state funds has positioned the state as the fourth largest economy in the country. The APGA government led by Willie Obiano is working and the people are happy. This is the main thrust of our party. Our government shall focus on the economy and restore the peoples faith in this country. The spirit of patriotism shall soar high and our people will be proud to be called Nigerians again."

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