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Merry Christmas , Nigerians - Gen. Gbor / Chukwueke.

APGA Presidential candidate John W.T Gbor and his running mate, Chief Jerry Chukwueke, wishes Nigerians a happy and successful Christmas celebration, urges them to embrace peace.

In a message released this morning, the APGA Presidential team urged Nigerians to uphold the teachings of Christmas and imbibe unity and peace as veritable tools for social harmony and tolerance.

"As we celebrate this years Christmas, it is our prayer that Nigerians will embrace the message therein. The peace and cordiality, the exchange of gifts among neighbours and family reunions, all point to the fact that we can coexist without rancour and divisions. We can live peacefully, in unity and in love".

While praying for the peace and progress of Nigeria, the team emphasized the need for a conscientious effort towards nation building and true patriotism. They called on all Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora, to unite and pull their strengths together to build a new and better Nigeria of our dreams. Merry Christmas, Nigerians!

Vision Gbor / Chukwueke 2019 Team.

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