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Lady Who Refused To Marry Her Boyfriend Of 5-Years Is Now Threatening Fire And Brimstone After Her Elder Sister Accepted To Be His Wife

A lady who refused to marry her boyfriend of 5-years because her parents won't allow a non-Igbo man marry her, is allegedly threatening him after her elder sister accepted to be his wife.

The man in question, @DoctorEmto took to Twitter to reveal this.

According to him, after his ex-girlfriend said no to him, he moved on to ask her elder sister to marry him and he got a big yes. He also confirmed that date for the wedding has already been fixed but his ex is threatening fire and brimstone.

Source; https://www.nigerianbulletin.com/threads/lady-who-refused-to-marry-her-boyfriend-of-5-years-is-now-threatening-fire-and-brimstone-%E2%80%93-linda-ikeji-blog.367916/

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