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" ...Let us create man in our image and likeness..." Genesis 1:26

Prince Dr. Chinedu Emeka is a leader with love for God's precious creation- man, mostly women and youths. One may wonder the secret behind this, but a close look at the order of creation, the society- mostly the family system shows that women and youths are at the receiving end.

Prince Chinedu Emeka PhD, FNCS, KSM, Ikenga 2019 loves to be the voice of the voiceless. Hence, he always identify with the weak. His empowerment initiatives to women and youths is as a result of his love to strengthen the weak. That is the reason women and youths are given adequate attention in his legislative agenda. Women need economic security to take care of themselves and family they have the primary responsibility to keep. On the other hand, the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow need to be empowered, in order to be in the position to stand on their feet as responsible citizens.

Prince Dr. Chinedu Emeka knows that the two main factors that determine the shape of the society are women and youths. That is the reason he pledged to develop young men and women with talents for entrepreneurship. He also pledged to introduce youth employment and empowerment projects, where 1000 youths will be trained in the computer software engineering and other ICT related field during his tenure if office.

Ndi Anambra North, we have not been remembered this way since the return to Democracy. We have not had a leader with good sense of direction like Prince Dr. Chinedu Emeka as the Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District.

Ndi Anambra North, let us jointly vote APGA. Vote Prince Chinedu Emeka PhD, FNCS, KSM, Ikenga 2019, the man with passion for  humanity for Senate Anambra North Senatorial District.
Maka agamniihu na odi mma anyi.

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