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ELECTION 2019: APGA , The Vision of a New Nigeria.

Evidence of poor leadership is rife in our dear country today. One can easily say that the poor are poorer and the rich, richer. The middle class, almost non existent, with the gap between the rich and the poor  widening greatly.

Yet, during the recent vice presidential debate,  the candidates of the parties who have taken turn to govern the country since 1999, reeled out opposing figures in the struggle to determine the improvement or otherwise of the Nigerian economy. Conflicting figures and indexes emerged from both the candidates of the APC and PDP, proving nothing and solving no problem at the end of the day.

Things have always taken this pattern in the government headed by the the PDP and now the APC. The rhetoric has remained the same. While Government and opposition churn out opposing figures, the masses continue to languish in poverty and lack. The clearest evidence or index of good leadership and good government policies resides in the living conditions of the people. When there is an improvement in this regard, it naturally implies that government is doing well, but when the opposite is the case, then government has failed.

Unfortunately, the latter has been the reoccurring decimal in the 19 years of PDP/APC rule in Nigeria, yet we keep seeing bamboozling figures and indexes. No wonder it is written that "Often poor leadership is masked by those with the loudest voices and strongest opinions".

The narrative is about to change however. A different voice is rising. Efforts to suppress it will surely fail and the manipulations of traducers will be frustrated. The orchestrated exclusion of the APGA candidate from the BON Vice Presidential debate is a clear indication of the power play of the high and mighty. They have all forgotten that true power resides with the people.

APGA is the new voice and its Presidential candidate John W.T. Gbor PhD, is currently speaking to the people. His voice resonates hope and inspires the failing heart. Most who have lost faith are reinvigorated and those that slumber are reawakened. There's a new reason to live, to fight and to regain the vision of the founding fathers.

Recently, John Gbor presented the vision of APGA to the people. Simple and precise, the vision included Security, Economic Revival, Federalism in it's truest form and  people-oriented Social reforms. This marks a shift from the current narrative of the APC and PDP who have all forgotten what the Kenyan, Mwai Kibaki said, "Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed."

The time of the people has finally come. APGA is leading the crusade. John W.T Gbor and Jerry Chukwueke are the servant leaders. They are here to provide the needed paradigm shift and provide such leadership that will not rely on figures and indexes, but on the living standards of the people, their health and security for immediate and direct assessment of a new APGA government.

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "People often ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads and the boss drives".

This is the whole truth. PDP and APC have driven our country to the precipice. They have bossed our people to extreme poverty, ethno religious intolerance, unending conflicts and loss of countless lives and properties.
APGA has come to make the difference, to heal the wounds and reunite the country. Gbor and Chukwueke are prepared to provide needed leadership and bring the Nigerian dream, our collective dreams to reality.

Courtesy: Vision Gbor/ Chukwueke 2019.

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