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Dealer Kills His Colleague To Get His Contacts

A ruthless drug lord is facing life behind bars after killing a teenager to get his hands on his county line business in the first case of its kind in the UK.Gaille Bola, 22, stabbed Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio to death because he wanted the 18-year-old’s mobile phone which he used to sell cocaine and heroin.

Although the battered Nokia handset was so old it was practically worthless, its telephone number was a direct line to scores of drug addicts and a business worth hundreds of pounds a day. .

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that it is the first time anyone has been killed for a county line – a dedicated mobile phone line used to sell, distribute and buy drugs.Gaille Bola, though only 22 years old, is one of the biggest drugs barons to be brought to justice so far. .

The kingpin was already earning £1,000 a day running three separate county lines in Hertfordshire, supplying hundreds of addicts.

Considered by Scotland Yard to be one of the capital’s most dangerous gangsters, he used an army of children to run three lucrative drugs chains supplying Stevenage, Ware and Hertford. .

But profits of £365,000 a year were not enough for the gang leader who wanted to expand into north-east London by taking over a thriving business run by one of his proteges, who was a once a childhood family friend. .

Detectives believe Bola introduced Cornelio to drug dealing and lured him into the Get Money Gang, or GMG, when he was 15 after the teenager moved to Enfield, north London, from Tulse Hill, south London, and wanted to make new friends.When Bola saw the cash he was making, thought to be hundreds of pounds a day, he resolved to ambush the young dealer as he was stocking up in preparation for the biggest party of the year.

The gangster, nicknamed Ghost, struck on the morning of New Year’s Eve last year as Cornelio was bagging up a massive stash of cocaine and heroin for that evening at a friend’s house in Enfield.When Bola arrived at 11am with two associates, the victim let him in, but refused to hand over the Nokia handset.

When Bola arrived at 11am with two associates, the victim let him in, but refused to hand over the Nokia handset.

Bola repeatedly punched him in the head shouting ‘Give me the phone’ before stabbing him in the chest and fleeing with the phone as well as cash and drugs thought to be worth thousands of pounds.

Drug users who were in the property called the emergency services at 11.30am. They found the victim conscious on the living room floor, but reluctant to answer questions. He died later that day

Source;  https://zenithnaija.com/22-year-old-drug-dealer-kills-his-colleague-to-get-his-contacts/

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