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APGA IS NOT WORKING FOR BUHARI , We Have Our Presidential Candidate - Chief Uche Okogbuo.

As APGA continues to showcase what it takes to take over the Federal Government in 2019 by presenting the best alternative to the insecurity and economic quagmire the nation has found itself, the Deputy National Chairman of the political party and the Chairman Presidential Campaign Council of APGA, Chief Uche Okogbuo, granted interview, explaining the chances of the party, amongst other things, in the forthcoming general election.


_Is this the first time APGA is taking part in  the Presidential  Election?_

This is the third time APGA is participating in a Presidential election and it is obvious in 2011 and 2015 that we did not participate in the Presidential poll. That did not help the party, it wasn't a good strategy for us not to participate both times.

_Those two times APGA didn't have Presidential Candidate, how did that affected the party?_

What that cost the party was that our vote was divided but having a very strong presidential candidate now, one advantage is that our vote will all be for APGA.

_What approach is APGA bringing to the Presidential Campaign?_

During the Presidential flagoff, which I was the Chairman of the flagoff committee, I made it clear that we are not going to run a campaign of calumny, we are not going to run a campaign of calling names, we are not going to run a campaign of religion/ethnic bias. We are going to run Campaign of issues.

_What will APGA do differently, considering the fact that both PDP and APC have both taken their turns?_

It is obvious that PDP ruled this country for 16 years and APC getting 4 years, they have not done anything special. What APGA will do during this campaign is to look through their deeds and present it to Nigerians to compare, judge and then score. Based on that we are going to present that APGA is the only clear alternative to the wrongs of both the PDP and the APC, because we are the only party that has an agenda. We are the only party that has a clear manifesto. We are the only party that is formed with the masses attached. So this election, we are entering it with the hope of winning and we are going to win.

_There is this rumour that APGA is working with Buhari, how true is that?_

The National Chairman of the Party had already debunked such erroneous rumour. How can we be working with Buhari and then have a Candidate, how do you reconcile that?

The masses are going to vote APGA APGA APGA all the way. Are they now saying that after the people vote for APGA, they will take their votes and count for Buhari. If we do not have a presidential candidate, someone can conceive that but now we have candidates and they are working. As the the deputy national chairman of APGA,  I put it to you that we do not and will never work for Buhari and the national chairman has already debunked that and said it is not true.

Courtesy Vision Gbor /Chukwueke 2019 Team.

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