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The All Progressives Grand Alliance , APGA is the third largest Political Party in Nigeria.

APGA is a national party that has produced State Governors, over eleven members of the National Assembly, tens of House of Assembly members and councillors all round the country.

APGA is a Political Party with robust political structures across Nigeria with candidates running nationwide with great prospects to win in the 2019 general elections.

The big question is , why was a huge party like APGA excluded in the just concluded Vice Presidential debate?

How come smaller parties holding not even a single counselorship position given the opportunity to participate in the debate?

Why would APGA be sidelined when Political Parties with no popularity and activiness in governance picked?

It is ridiculous that APGA , a party with robust tentacles in Nigerian Government was practically excluded in the just concluded Vice Presidential debate.

One sure fact is that NEDG and BON who were the organizers of the debate deliberately denied Nigerians the progressive message of All Progressives Grand Alliance led by Gen. John Gbor.

It is unpalatable and totally unacceptable that the Orgainzers of the debate,  Nigerian Election Debate Group (NEDG) and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON) carefully  schemed out APGA with flimsy escuse that the selected political parties were picked as a result of their social media presence.

Why should participation in Vice Presidential debate be based on activeness on Facebook and Twitter polls

Are elections conducted online? How many of these online voters have PVCs??

Should matters of Nigeria not be discussed thoroughly by those present in Governance or on Facebook and other social media platforms ?

The organizers of the debate have practically succeeded in depriving Nigerians the good message from All Progressives Grand Alliance to make Nigeria better and move forward.

APGA VP Candidate, Chief Jerry Chukwueke's presence would definitely have made the debate more challenging.

With the presence of Chief Jerry Chukwueke, informative details on Economy, Agriculture, Employment , Insugurncy and serial killings would have surfaced.

_Vision Gbor/Chukwueke 2019 Team_

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