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By: Egbuna Amuta

Before man thought of establishing the institution known as government in early times, life in most human societies was in harsh state of nature. Hence, Thomas Hobbes, a European Medieval Political Philosopher, posited that life in a state of nature was; "solitary, nasty, brutish and short". In other words, the earth was overwhelmed by disorderliness and anarchy before the evolution of government either by compulsion or consensus. Indeed, the existence of governments, even undemocratic ones are imperative for the survival of humanity. 

In the main, the essence of government is for protection of the lives and property of the citizenry. However, it is a truism that there is no place in the world where  government has absolutely protected the lives and property of the governed. What is actually required of governments is for them to make visible, tangible and sincere efforts to guarantee the security of vast majority of the people. In most advanced countries of Europe, North America and Asia, governments are doing their utmost to minimise criminality by putting social security measures in place to ameliorate the plight of majority of their citizens. They equally introduce modern technological devices to contain the menace of criminal elements in their societies. This is obviously not the case in most Third World countries, particularly in Africa.

However, Anambra state has exceptionally enjoyed peace and stability since her incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano mounted the saddle of leadership in 2014. The state is today widely adjudged as the safest and most secured in West and Central Africa. For this reason, Governor Obiano is billed to receive a merit award from Security Watch Africa in June next year at Banjul, the capital of the Gambia. 
Before the advent of th incumbent governor, Anambra was terribly menaced by deadly armed robbers and kidnappers. In less than three months of taking over as the helmsman, Obiano completely chased them away to the extent that there is hardly any report of serious armed robbery and kidnapping in the state in the past four years and eight months.
Ndi Anambra have indeed been experiencing good governance and impressive delivery of democracy dividends. Many of them have actually forgotten the era of instability, fear and tension, while some of them are taking the prevailing peace and stability for granted. 
Unfortunately, some persons who recently failed to realise their immediate political ambitions during the primaries in Governor Obiano's political party are over reacting by engaging in unnecessary campaigns of calumny, vile propaganda and anti party activities, to the extent of causing unnecessary disaffection and threatening the peace and stability of the state which majority of the people have been enjoying since 2014. Coming on the heels of this unsavoury political development is a recent ill advised and unprovoked religious protests in Awka over the ownership of a parcel of land in the ancient city of Onitsha. The land in question has belonged to government since Nigeria's colonial days dating back to the Nineteenth century. That notwithstanding, it is a happy thing that Governor Obiano has set up a reconciliation committee to appease those who feel aggrieved in his political party. He has equally extended an olive branch to some members of the Anglican Communion in the state who are perturbed by government's ownership of the Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School, Onitsha. They are sincerely advised to accept the Governor's hands of fellowship in order to reach a common ground as soon as possible. 

Be that as it may, it is pertinent to emphasize that there is no need for a few individuals who are dissatisfied with certain political happenings or otherwise in the state to unnecessarily ignite crisis or create bad blood amongst the populace who have over the years been living in harmony. Parochialism must not be placed above the collective interests of the people of the state.
After all, Ndi Anambra have never been as united, happy and relaxed in their lives as they are under the Obiano administration which has created the most peaceful atmosphere in the state since her creation in 199. Therefore, conscious and deliberate efforts must  be made by the elite of the state to sustain the conviviality among the citizens irrespective of their diverse political affiliations and religious denominations. No matter how anybody feels about certain political occurrences and precipitated religious issues, there is no denying the fact that since the creation of the present Anambra state twenty-seven years ago, she has never savoured good governance and delivery of democracy dividends surpassing what Governor Obiano is evidently doing today in our state#
EGBUNA AMUTA, a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Onitsha. 

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