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By Ifeanyi Afuba.

Heaven only knows what next figment of the imagination the bumbling legislators at Awka will conjure to keep their fantasy impeachment of the Anambra Assembly Speaker, Rt Hon Rita Maduagwu, trending. The antics of the lawmakers since their ill fated bid to rock the boat of good governance in the State reminds one of that notable thriller by James Hadley Chase with the morbid title: Make the Corpse Walk. 

As impossible as the task is, the rich man at the centre of it all, continues to invest efforts at bringing his dead brother back to life in misplaced belief in the power of voodooism. Left disoriented by the collapse of their destabilisation plot,  the impeachment legislators have resorted to the legislative Voodoo of riding a dead horse.     

 Nothing it appears, will be left out in the obsession to sell the public the dummy that there was a change in the Speakership of the State Assembly on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. But it seems lost on the wanton actors that acceleration of their disinformation on the failed coup, situates them digging deeper to escape from a hole. What is more, the desperation of the lawmakers continues to expose the self serving nature of their campaign.        

The proponents of impeachment motion had announced with fanfare that they had by a number of 22 out of 30 removed Maduagwu from office. But they would not tell Nigerians that their magic figure of 22 included 3 members whose signatures were forged; 2 members who were not in the State at the time; and a few others tricked that the 'action' list was to protest deductions from their salaries. They tried to hide from the public that aside the above deficiencies, their result was the product of indeterminate  choruses when individual voice vote was explicitly required.

A resort to the rules would of course expose their conspiracy and so they dodged it.                    

Yet, the errant legislators were not embarrassed by the successful sitting later same day with 12 members in attendance and Speaker Rita Maduagwu presiding.                    

Now, to appreciate the extent of manipulation the plotters are prepared to engage in, the rebellious faction claimed to have sat on Thursday, November 15 with 25 members participating and wherein it was resolved that Maduagwu's impeachment was "irreversible." How interesting!            

But this balloon of deceit was soon punctured by the Clerk of the Assembly Mr Pius Udoh. The Clerk stated that he had communicated the lawmakers postponement of the scheduled sitting. He disclosed that the legislative complex was under lock and key and the staff directed to report to the office of the Head of Service.           

Why have the Assembly cowboys up till the time of writing, not beamed footage of this eight - wonder - of - the - world plenary for all to see? Simple. You can't give what you don't have.               

The life of the current legislative term is drawing to a close. With political campaigns and elections stretching to Feb 2019, there will be less than two months of legislative business  in this dispensation. It clearly does not make sense to want to install a new Speaker at this last minute.        
Except there is a hidden agenda. And the frantic attempts to ride the dead horse of impeachment warns there is a mercenary angle to  this plot. But Ndi Anambra will not allow this latest group of political speculators to toy with their wellbeing.

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