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Facebook: I have no plans to resign , says Zuckerberg

Embattled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday he has no plans to resign , sounding defiant after a rough year for the social platform.

“That ’ s not the plan , ” Zuckerberg told CNN Business when asked if he would consider stepping down as chairman .
He also defended Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, who has drawn criticism over her handling of the social media giant ’ s recent crises .

“ Sheryl is a really important part of this company and is leading a lot of the efforts for a lot of the biggest issues we have , ” said Zuckerberg .
“She ’ s been an important partner to me for 10 years . I ’ m really proud of the work we ’ ve done together and I hope that we work together for decades more to come . ”

Facebook has stumbled from one mess to another this year as it grappled with continuing fallout from Russia’s use of the platform to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election , the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which user data was harnessed in a bid to help candidate Donald Trump , and a huge security breach involving millions of accounts .

Most recently , an investigative piece published last week by The New York Times said Facebook misled the public about what it knew about Russia’s election meddling and used a PR firm to spread negative stories about other Silicon Valley companies and thus deflect anger away from itself.
“It is not clear to me at all that the report is right , ” Zuckerberg said of the Times article .

“A lot of the things that were in that report, we talked to the reporters ahead of time and told them that from everything that we ’ d seen , that wasn ’ t true and they chose to print it anyway . ”
Zuckerberg also defended his company against the broader wave of flak it has taken this year .

“ A lot of the criticism around the biggest issues has been fair , but I do think that if we are going to be real , there is this bigger picture as well , which is that we have a different world view than some of the folks who are covering us, ” he said.

“There are big issues , and I ’ m not trying to say that there aren ’ t … But I do think that sometimes , you can get the flavor from some of the coverage that ’ s all there is, and I don ’ t think that that ’ s right either . ”

Source; https://punchng.com/facebook-i-have-no-plans-to-resign-says-zuckerberg/

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