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BEST MANUFACTURER OF LUBRICANTS AWARD: Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd. Wins Award As The Best Manufacturer of Lubricants.

Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd has been in the business of blending engine oil in Nigeria for the past 21 years. The company has put in so much in terms of research and training both locally and internationally. Having equipped themselves with state of the art laboratory, every material input is well tested and approved before being used. And the final products are adequately tested and approved before being sent into the market for consumption.

This is just one of the numerous awards received by the company, but what makes this award different is that it is coming from an institute which prides itself in the research and study of oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd has given employment to so many teeming youths in Nigeria and also engages in many philanthropic activities as part of her corporate social responsibility.

We therefore expects lubricant consumers in Nigeria, both industrial and automotive consumers, to patronize DOZZY POWERFLO LUBRICANTS  instead of wasting their money to buy foreign lubricants which sells only name and not necessarily, better quality, thereby giving employment to foreigners at the detriment of  Nigerian labour market. Dozzy quality is tested and trusted.

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