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Man Skins Wife Alive, Orders Kids To Pose With Her Corpse

The 'Sick' Man And His Late Wife

Man Skins Wife Alive, Orders Kids To Pose With Her Corpse

Husband ‘skinned his wife like a fish and then had kids pose with her corpse’
Justin Rey, 36, told a court in Kansas that he acted as he did in order to protect his family 

Foreign News 8th September, 2018: A Sick dad is on trial for ‘skinning his wife like a fish’ before having his kids pose for photos with their dead mum’s body.

Justin Rey, 36, said he went to such extreme measures in order to keep his family together and that the whole ordeal “was not fun for me”.

Rey and his two kids were found living in a storage unit with his wife Jessica Monteiro’s body parts stored in containers.

She had given birth to a baby girl at a Kansas City motel last year and took her life shortly afterwards, according to Rey.

Rey purposefully did not call the emergency services and instead chopped up her body in the bathtub because he was scared the authorities would take away his two daughters.

Jessica’s sister said her brother-in-law spent eight hours dismembering Jessica’s body before stuffing it in a fridge.

Last October police found Rey with his newborn baby girl and two-year-old daughter staying at a storage locker.

One officer said that the older girl “almost looked like she had cancer”.

He was arrested and his kids were swiftly taken into police custody.

Police detective Shannon Murphy testified that Rey had the kids pose for photos with Jessica’s body. He then told her he “skinned her like a fish”.

Rey dismembered wife Jessica’s body and flushed pieces down the loo and put others in the fridge

Rey then told Murphy he put the body parts that would not flush down the toilet into containers.

During his preliminary hearing, Rey said: “It’s something I had to do. My family is very dear to me. It’s something I had to do to protect my family.”

He is charged with two counts of aggravated child endangerment and two more of contributing to a child’s misconduct.

He is also charged with the abandonment of a corpse.

Source: The Sun UK

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