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Iwa Ji Umumbo 2018; Hon Uche Okafor pays homage to His Royal Highness Igwe Simeon Chidubem (Aboh of Umumbo)

New Yam Festival "Iwa Ji" "Igba Ji" "Iliji" etc as being termed based on tones of lingual of distinct localities is a well known phenomenon in Igbo Land, and one of the most annually celebrated event in Igbo Land. The origin can be traced to the chronicle of the Igbos.

Today, Umumbo Community celebrates theirs...

Hon Uche Okafor Member Representing Ayamelum Constituency at the State Assembly, arrives the Central Ancestral Home of Umumbo for the 2018 Iliji Umumbo (New Yam Festival of Umumbo Kingdom)

On arrival, Hon Uche Okafor was warmly welcomed by the elders in Council, Igwe's Cabinet, Women Youths and Ndi Umumbo in general who were present at the event.

The traditional ruler of Umumbo Kingdom, His Royal Highness Igwe Simeon Chidubem Aboh of Umumbo express his utmost respect to God Almighty for a day of this such, The Traditional Ruler during libation and consultation of the supreme Lord, showered boundless of Royal blessings upon the Honourable, in his word "Hon Uche Nwa m, Omekannia it shall be well with you, your giant strides within 3 years plus speaks volume, your second tenure bid is guaranteed through the help of God the Almighty, those that wants to oppose your aspirations are doing in vain, be rest assured that Umumbo Community in entirety are with you. And so do other communities in Ayamelum. As you share in our joy today, we shall surely share in yours soon when you must have recorded another Victory in the poll. Be on a good cheer for God has answered our prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord... Amen!"

Hon Uche Okafor in his word, thanked the Leadership of the Community as being led by HRH IGWE S I CHIDUBEM, he further thanked the Cabinets and the entire Umumbo Kingdom and congratulated them for a successful 2018 Iwa Ji Festival.

The Traditional Prime Minister of Umumbo Kingdom in his remark noted how overwhelmed the are to have in attendance the presence of the Honourable Member Representing Ayamelum Constituency at the State House of Assembly in the 2018 Iwa Ji Festival. He thanked the Honourable for his kind gestures and admonishes him to continue his good work for humanity.

Mr Caleb Caleb* reporting from Umumbo, Ayamelum

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