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By: Egbuna Amuta .

After an interval of about nine months since the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election in Anambra, certain unscrupulous political opponents of the Obiano administration have commenced another round of political mischief. 

Recently, they instigated fleet footed rumours to the effect that the APGA controlled government in the state is planning to proscribe the operation of commercial tricycles, commonly known as "Keke Napep." These mischievous persons led by a chronic cross carpeting female politician has even gone to the extent of inciting some innocent Keke operators to engage in senseless demonstrations against the phantom ban. 

Happily, majority of the commercial tricyclists are wiser than their instigators, hence their blunt refusal to be manipulated or goaded by the disgruntled politicians into getting involved in an ill advised disquiet in the state.

Disappointed that their shenanigan has failed woefully, the mischief makers also  resorted to premature congratulations to the APC controlled federal government for a yet to be released forty three billion naira debts it has over the years owed Anambra government for reconstruction and rehabilitation of federal roads in the state. 

The debt which was actually estimated at about forty seven billion naira, has been mutually negotiated down to forty three billion naira by officials of the federal and Anambra state governments. Notwithstanding that a dime is yet to be refunded to the state government, the malicious politicians have characteristically beat the gun by publicly sending an embarrassing "thank you message" to the APC controlled federal government for a yet to be fulfilled obligation it owes Ndi Anambra.

For perceptive persons, the antics of these badly behaved politicians are wickedly aimed at scoring very cheap political points. They also want to take undeserved credit for what they did not make any effort to actualise. 

Their irascible behaviour is obviously motivated by the the 2019 general elections scheduled to take place in about six months time from now.  

However, they are most unlikely to succeed in fobbing off Ndi Anambra, who are politically conscious enough to know the truth. 

Having experienced governance by different political parties since  the commencement of this Fourth Republic from 1999, the Anambra citizenry have on their own volition decided to settle for the All Progressives Grand Alliance,  APGA.

Since 2006, governments enthroned in the state by APGA have evidently acquited themselves creditably. 

They have undoubtedly provided good governance and delivered verifiable democracy dividends. This was unlike their sad experience under governments foisted on them by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, between May 29, 1999 and March 15, 2006. 

Some of the major dramatis personae in the PDP maladministration in the state have defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC. Ndi Anambra, nay most Nigerian citizens perceive the APC and PDP as parties with the same ideological orientation. Both parties are merely interested in acquisition of political power for the sake of it without placing high premium on the welfare of the masses. This is the difference between them and the All Progressives Grand Alliance.

It is against this background that the good people of this state have deliberately and consciously entered into an apparently spiritual covenant with APGA, which they regard as their own political party. Little wonder they often refer to the party as; "nkea bu nke anyi." Consequently, any desperate attempt by other political parties to engage in crass propaganda against APGA and its government in Anambra is seen as an exercise in futility by the people of the state.

The political desperados in the state who have concocted the Keke ban boggy are therefore wasting their time. Also, their ill advised efforts to claim that the federal government has already released its forty three billion naira debt to the Obiano administration is not only unbelievable but also foolhardy. The true position about the matter can easily be verified from the website of the federal ministry of finance and the Debt Management Office, DMO, both in Abuja.  As a matter of fact, these blatant lies being propagated by opponents of the Obiano administration and the All Progressives Grand Alliance have fallen flat on their faces. Ndi Anambra do not believe such arrant nonsense. 

Indeed, peddlers of these lies from the pit of hell have only succeeded in embarrassing and making mockery of themselves. They have further become unpopular and unacceptable to Ndi Anambra, a people  who overwhelmingly appreciate and support the good works of the the APGA government, under the watch of Governor Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Ndigbo).

EGBUNA AMUTA is the Senior Special Assistant on Grassroots Media Mobilisation to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State.

Sunday, August 5, 2018.

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