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By Tony Ezindu Onyekwe

Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of August marked a two remarkable days in the history of Aguleri .

They were days that all sons and daughters of Aguleri had expectantly looked forward to,

 having been set aside as days of fasting / prayers and thanksgiving.

An action that was unanimously agreed by the town's spiritual leaders, Royal Fathers and the elders.

The event kicked off the first day on Monday 13th August 2018 with fasting and prayers of all illustrious sons and daughters of Aguleri both home and diaspora irrespective of religious affiliation or denominations.

So much so that ever busy Aguleri junction and Avia Amaeze was vastly deserted and devoid of commercial activities.

The second day being Tuesday 14th of August 2018 which was coincidentally the famous Eke Market day witnessed low commercial activities as people have risen up earlier and gone to their worship centres to give thanks to God for the success of the two days programme.

After the thanksgiving services and other religious activities,all roads led to the AMA OBU-GAD where every body converged to celebrate the successful event.

The occasion started with the arrival of all Agulerians at home starting with Ndi Ichie , Ndi Ojiana , all Age grades , Ndi Iyom and the powerful  ANYA AGULERI MEMBERS  Led by the President, Hon Chief Nnamdi Ikeli (Akwade) Eze Amulu Amu Na Aguleri.

The occasion as well witnessed the presence of the Royal Father of the day HRM Eze, Chukwuemeka Eri(  Akajiovor Igbo Nine) who returned from United State of America on that fateful day

and the members of his cabinet in their full regalia.

The occasion was declared open with presentation of Kolanuts and  Ndichie  prayed for peace and progress of Aguleri .

Ndichie in their opening remark thanked the Almighty God for sparing the lives of Ndi Aguleri to that day and giving them the privileges to seek his face in prayers.

The Ndichie placed premium emphasy on the need to make the event an annual one as it's one event that unifies Aguleri in it's entirety. 

People were thrilled with qualitative displays and performances by our popular illustrious Orator/musicians in persons of Obi Foreign and E'Chukwu Raggae

We had another wonderful display of Igba Akwunaeche Enyi Dance by Ogbuevi Godwin Ezenwa Eri Nnam) the  convener of Omabala Nollywood Entertainment.

This was followed by break taking acrobatic displays by Izaga Masquerade and wonderful songs and dances by various women cultural groups.

The occasion provided an avenue for families and friends who have lost contacts to meet again and exchange peasantries.

Finally, the event drew to an end and joyfully, the people departed to their various homes, looking forward to the next year episode.

Aguleri Maka a a a Ni ooo!!!!

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