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Held at the Palace of His Imperial Majesty, Eze Dr. Nkeli Nzekwe Kelly, Okalaakwu Kingdom Igbariam.

Written By
Maduabuchi Nwalieji

THEME: Addressing The Rising Sectarian Violence And Social Disorder Caused By Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria

AOCTRON is a body formed by the Religious Leaders and Traditional Rulers of Nigeria to build a Culture of Peace, National Unity, Integration in our beloved country and to utilize the devout faith of diverse traditions for the good of all and to uplift the values of compassion, forgiveness and good will that are shared among all religious traditions.

One hundred and four years after the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates to form the present-day Nigeria, the country remains divided along the lines of religion, tribe and ethnicity. It is widely recognized even by government that religious and traditional rulers play important roles in building social cohesion in Nigeria. In view of this, these leaders have come together on a neutral platform to speak in one voice.

Based on a common commitment to shared values and their own moral authority, religious leaders and traditional rulers serve as the conscience of the nation, working together to uplift and build consensus around those shared values.

MIYETTI ALLAH Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria sometimes called MACBAN is a partisan advocacy group centered on promoting the welfare of Fulani pastoralists in Nigeria.

The major goal of MACBAN is to be the umbrella organization of Fulani herdsmen within the country. The activities of the organization involves liaising with the government on behalf of pastoralists, land use rights, nomadic education and conflict resolution between pastoralists and farmers

As the major promoter of welfare of Fulani pastoralists, increase incidence of farmer-herder conflicts and cattle rustling since 2011 brought the group into wider consciousness. 

The group's board of trustees is led by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sultan Abubakar III, Aminu; Emir of Zazzau, Usman Nagogo, the Emir of Katsina and Ado Bayero, Emir of Kano and the subsequent Emirs of these Emirates compose a part of the group's board of trustee.

Present in the summit are; 

His Majesty, King Dandison Douglas, Jaja Jeki (v)  Amayanabo of Opobo Kingdom. *(Jaja of Opobo)*, National Chairman of AOCTRON.

His Imperial Majesty, Eze Dr. Nkeli Nzekwe Kelly, Okalaakwu Kingdom Igbariam. National Secretary BOT, ACTRON.

His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr. Oliver Ohanweh, Obi Gburugburu of Ehime, Isiala Mbano, Imo State. Chairman AOCTRON, South Eastern, South Southern and South Western States.

His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr. Douglas Okwara, Umuna Ancient Kingdom, Orlu, Imo State. AOCTRON South East Chairman. 

Revrend Dr. Gbenga Ademuyiwa, AOCTRON General Overseer. 
HRH Eze Ikenna Ozioma of Orisa Oboh, Imo State. HRH Igwe Sylvester Nnaluo,
HRH Eze Chime Nkpodo of Umuzike. HRH  Eze Eric Uchegbu, HRH Eze Dr. A. O Ozuruoha, amongst other Royal Fathers.

Alhaji Gidado Sadique, South East Chairman, Miyetti Allah.

Alhaji Mekudi Ninki Chairman South South, Miyetti Allah.

Bashiru Mohammed Ibrahim, legal adviser Miyetti Allah, South East. 

Hassan Busa, Chairman Miyetti Allah Abia State.

Bishop Dr. Ozioma F. Ozoemena, Coordinator of Anambra Royal  Pastors.

Rev. Dr. Success Uchime and other numerous members.

The Fulani herdsmen have been blamed for most of the violence, which has left some over 2,000 people dead since 2011. Nigeria’s security forces have also been strongly criticized by human rights groups for extra-judicial killings and attacks against civilians.

His Imperial Majesty, Eze Dr. N.N Kelly who facilitated the meeting thanked AOCTRON for bringing together religious leaders and traditional rulers, who are the core custodians of values and beliefs, to explore collaborative approaches to peace in a time of crisis.

Eze Dr. Kelly who presented an overview of AOCTRON's work to advance sustainable peace in Nigeria and said that the challenge is to utilize the devout faith of diverse traditions for the good of all and to uplift the values of compassion, forgiveness and good will that are shared among all religious traditions, he added that everybody should return to the basics, stressing our human equality regardless of color, tribe and race.

His Majesty, King Dandison Douglas, *Jaja of Opobo*, the National Chairman of AOCTRON, told the assembly that any group which desires peace is doing the right thing. “If we must build a new Nigeria, if we must build a great Nigeria, then all of us together must do everything it takes to build peace. Peace is necessary, peace is possible. But as we build peace we must remember these five key things: love, integrity, equity, truth and justice. They are very simple things we all know, but these are the things we must consciously do every day.”

Speaking from his own angle, the Coordinator of Anambra Royal Pastors, Bishop Dr. Ozioma, said that the barbaric activities of Fulani herdsmen has gone global. He was flabbergasted the way human beings are slaughtered like chicken, people waste the blood created by God. He urged the leaders in all capacity to sacrifice their time and make efforts to identify and unmask these perpetrators.

HRH Eze Ikenna Ozioma said that the way cows invade farms and damage crops in his community calls for concern, he advised the Fulani leaders and breeders to make sure their cows are being controlled by adults who have the muscle and experience to do so.

Alhaji Gidado Sadique, South East Chairman Miyetti Allah, took the floor and began by saying that the so called  activities of Fulani herdsmen have become a national threat and calls for concern. The Southern zones of the country are very peaceful due to the good works of the zonal Governors, he admired the constitution of the peace committee by the Eastern Governors which has helped to  curb these killings and wished the Northern Governors could emulate the trend and follow suit. 

He cried saying that the name calling of the Fulanis is worrisome as the Fulanis suffer most of these attacks. He claimed and maintained that most of these killings are done not by the Fulanis but by foreigners who claim to be Fulanis (Fulani Impostors), he admitted that Fulanis are helpless and called on the house to constitute a committee which will unite the North and the South to handle the matter before it gets beyond control.

However, he appreciated the efforts of AOCTRON in trying to contain the situation and recall a lasting peace to the nation.

Alhaji Mekudi Ninki, the Chairman South South Miyetti Allah, added that Fulani issue is political and called the State Governors and other prominent leaders to do all it takes to see a peaceful and cohabiting spirit between their wards and the residing Fulanis, making a positive reference to Gov. Willie Obiano and Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa of Anambra and Delta States respectively. 

The AOCTRON general overseer, Rev. Dr. Gbenga Ademuyiwa, in his closing remarks expressed his heart-felt appreciations to all who attended the summit. He prayed for God's guidance to all in the course of this project. He pleaded with all to put in their best to see that the resultant effect of this struggle is victory.

The next summit was scheduled to hold on 27th August 2018, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Miyetti Allah, the Sultan of Sokoto and other Emirs from the North will be present in their high esteem.

Reported by
Nwalieji Maduabuchi Joseph , from Awka.

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  1. Any negotiation should not involve cedding of any land, and we should not allow any instructions from Fed govt, on ranching.