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Chief Sir Lawrence Anikpe (Onwa Igbariam) is a self actualized leader. Self actualization is the highest form of human growth, someone who is self actualized is a fully functioning human being.

Below is Onwa and his unwaveringly related leadership characteristics. It is worthy to pay attention to these and take them into consideration when we’re making a choice as to whom we chose as our leader.

*Onwa is fair and objective:
A good political leader does not take what is similar to his views as facts and base his decisions on that. He uses reliable and unfiltered information to make judgments and to come up with resolutions. In other words, he stands above his own believes to observe events objectively while the general public fails to do so. In addition, he does not suffer from a self serving bias.

*Onwa is moving above himself and serving the society.
 A good leader stands above any specific religious or political views of his own and is independent of any attachment to a specific agenda. His personal beliefs become his private matters and he learns to leave them out the door once he steps into a leadership role. In other words, his belief expands so much that it includes everyone’s belief. 

*Onwa does not  seek fame and attention:
A good leader has been able to move above and beyond any egoistic and primitive need for power, attention, or establishing his personal agendas and works with the intention of good-for-all. 

*Onwa does not hide the truth for the sake of looking good.
A good leader says it as it is even if it feels uncomfortable for many to hear. He is not a people pleaser in a sense that he would say anything to please others even if that means manipulating or misguiding the public. It takes a lot of courage to do this and a good leader has that courage.

*Onwa Is focused on specific, achievable, and measurable goals
A good leader is focused and does not get distracted. His goals, whether small or large, are reasonable and achievable and are directed towards the long term results not quick and temporary fixes that may backfire.
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