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My Love For Simi – By Emeka Ubesie.

Just like a yawning soliloquy that is capable of raising a dead soul, her melodious voice yelled, ‘Smile for Me! Her dark face fizzled in the dark like a moon that has assumed its far-reaching size, after the harvest season in West Africa. I looked around to see if the smile was meant for me. Instantaneously, her left index finger pointed towards my direction and her gentle voice shrieked; it’s you my ‘Original baby! My heart jerked almost immediately, like a convulsing child, as I watched her other hand gripping romantically unto a slanted mic that stood in her front like a child. She kept swinging her medium size hip left and right, like parading soldiers that are on a secret mission. Her brownish dark laps that was wrapped by a short mini skirt that was made from Ankara kept sending a satisfactory ray down my nerves.

Truly, ‘Love don’t care’. A strange voice whispered this into my ears and vanished at once.The tiny strap pieces of the Ankara that walled her breast like a pet undulated, at every move she made. The tempo of her song kept increasing incessantly, like the talking drum of Omenikoro, an African energetic masquerade, as her feet moved on the Spanish grey tiles like that of a goddess. Her white eyeballs were focused on me, as if I were the sacred cross.

 I love you Simi, you are ‘Foreign! This scream accompanied tears that ran through my chick, andmomentarily embraced the floor like drizzling rain, immediately she finished performing herSmile for me track.

As the wall clock that hung over my head ticked, suddenly, the silence that visited after her first performance unexpectedly gave way for a melodious tune that came through a flute that announced the arrival of one of her latest songs Joromi, through the two gigantic speakers that stood on her left and right sides. These speakers stood with her alone on the stage, with all other instrumentalist and backup singers appearing invisible. I couldn’t help my emotions any longer, as I stared steadily at her black beautiful face, but limped abruptly and ran towards her to give her a hug, because she has succeeded in waking up a sleeping part of my sense, as she sang;

JoromiJoromi, I want you to love me…

My eyes flicked open afterwards, then, I realized I had been dreaming. I wept like a child, cuddling my pillow and wishing that the dream never ended. I tried to call back the dream, but it was obvious it had gone on a long walk to an unknown destination.

Born Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi is a Nigerian afro pop singer and song writer. Her birth was announced on 19th April, 1988 in SurulereOjuelegba to be precise. Lagos to her is more than a home, because that was where she received her primary and secondary education, before she moved to Covenant University, where she studied mass communication. 

It all began in 2008, after she dropped her debut album that was titled ‘Ogaju’, which contained hit tracks like ‘Ara Ile’ and ‘Iya Temi’ that were produced by SamklefFrom that moment, the revelation that I got about her was as clear as a mirror on the wallAs a lover of good music, it was very easy for me to be enslaved by her unique voice and tunes, which was exactly what Asa did to me. Love they say knows no boundary when one’s heart love a thing. This perfectly showcased the possibility of a young man from the Eastern part of Nigeria to fall in love completely with a young singer from the Western part, who practically doesn’t understand all the lyrics in her songs. It’s like the recent Chemistry that thus exist betweenthe Beast from the East, Phyno, and Baddo from the West, OlamideFrom that moment, I kept on reading and listening to every piece of art work that came from Simi. If she were to be a pastor, I would indeed make a good follower. In fact, I followed everything that came from her like a shadow that tagged along an object.

In 2011, Simi met Oscar Heman-Ackah, a producer and also a song writer, and both of then worked together, until 2013, when Simi officially signed a contract with Oscar Music Production. Also in 2013, via her former record label, she officially signed a new contract with X3M Music. 

In 2014, when she released ‘Tiff’, which was also produced by Oscar Heman-Ackah, I couldn’t help but weep the first time I heard the song on the radio. The song was laternominated in two categories in Headies 2015, and sooner gained mainstream recognition. Just as I was about recovering from the heart relief ‘Tiff’ gave to me, one day, as I was riding in a friend’s car along Lekki Phase I, we tuned the car stereo to a radio station. There and then, Jamb Question was a song on review on that fateful day. I almost jumped out of the car that was doing 120kilometer, after the song ended. What else do humans expect from Simi anymore, before nominating her for Grammy? I guess nothing because Falz the bad guy perfectly buried that tract, after Simi killed it.

It’s no doubt that I’m finding it difficult in recent time to strike a balance between the love I have for Simi and the one I have for Asa in 2017, because I wouldn’t know whether to listen to Joromi by Simi or Bed of Stone by Asa every night, before cuddling the pillows on my empty lonely bed. I can’t really say for sure at this moment, but I guess my love is hiding somewhere in the West.   

(Emeka is a young Nigerian writer and public affairs analyst. He is a member of Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (CIPDM), The Royal Life Saving Society of Nigeria, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), and Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Management of Nigeria (CIPSMN))

{Email: emekaubesie@yahoo.com, Twitter: @emeka_ubesie

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