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Governor Obiano's Promising 2nd Term Start.

You may have heard stories of his exploits. But you may not have seen him in action. 

You may have read about his promising start to his second term in office. But you may not be familiar with the steps he has taken to make his second term 'promising.' 

Join us on NTA International at 7.30 and Silverbird Television at 9 o'clock tonight to watch the documentary titled 'Governor Obiano's Promising 2nd Term Start.' 

It shows with vivid clarity, what sets Governor Obiano apart from his peers. 
And if per chance you miss it tonight, never mind. The same documentary will run at 7pm on AIT tomorrow. 

Don't miss it! 

Onye ana ekwu maka ya nwelu ife ona eme! 

Thank you 

James Eze 
Chief Press Secretary.

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