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Former Playboy Model Says She Watched Donald Trump Have Sex With Her Best Friend .

A former Playboy Playmate has told how she watched Donald Trump have sex with her best friend while his then-fiancée Marla Maples was pregnant with daughter Tiffany. German model Elke Jeinsen said she was with fellow Playmate Barbara Moore in New York in the summer of 1993 when Trump invited the two blonde beauties back to his luxury Trump Tower penthouse apartment.

According to DailyMail, Jeinsen reveals that following a private meal and several glasses of champagne Trump invited her and Moore to his bedroom.

She claims she then watched as her friend had sex with the business tycoon while she sat on a chair dressed in just lingerie.

‘I was just sitting there and they got into a little sexual thing,’ she recalls. ‘They actually had sex together and I was watching it. ‘It was like they didn’t even know I was in the room, I didn’t exist. ‘He was really into Barbara.’

The shocking claim comes following Moore’s exclusive interview with DailyMailTV in which she revealed she had a steamy six-month affair with President Trump behind then pregnant fiancée Maples’ back. The White House declined comment when contacted by DailyMail.com.

The 49-year-old model claims she met the tycoon in March, 1993 – three months after she became Playboy’s Miss December centerfold – and says the president was a ‘great lover’ and a true ‘gentleman’. She also revealed she spent time with the billionaire at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower for secret romps.

And during this visit to Trump Tower in the summer of ’93 Moore was joined by friend and roommate Jeinsen.


Jeinsen, who was Playboy’s Miss May 1993, recalls asking Moore to call ‘her boyfriend’. Jeinsen who was roommates with Moore in LA at the time, knew she was dating Trump – an eligible bachelor who regularly appeared on TV.

‘In 1993 I was Playmate centerfold, it was my year,’ Jeinsen recalls. ‘I remember we were in New York for a photo shoot, I think Victoria’s Secret. ‘I asked Barbara, ‘why don’t you call Donald, isn’t he your boyfriend?’ So she called and he was in his private jet, he landed somewhere and we met him at Trump Tower.

‘We had a private dinner which was very, very nice, very delicious, and some champagne. ‘We were able to order whatever we wanted, it was cooked and made for us, like the best from the best. ‘We were used to it because of the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner.’

Jeinsen says at some point Trump showed where she was staying, a small guest room.

She sat and watched as Moore and the billionaire had sex.

The beauty said that at no point did Trump invite her to join in with him and Moore for a threesome, a fact which surprised her.

Jeinsen, now a 51-year-old fitness instructor living in Los Angeles, agreed with Moore that Trump was a ‘gentleman’ that night.

She recalls having fun talking with the real estate tycoon during dinner.

‘It was all about sexy women and about his business trips, about his jets, his cars, what he has. We talked about different countries, where I am from, he loved women, he loves playing, he loves fashion shows,’ she said.

Donald Trump and pregnant Maples

‘He remembered me from a fashion show, he was very nice, he was a gentleman.’

The following morning Jeinsen believes Trump had already left by the time her and Moore woke up.


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