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Gender Equity and Fairness 2019: IfyFine Ifeoma Onwudiwe .

If its a curse, it must be  broken by God's power!

Ndi Anambra East enough is  enough!!  Enough of women discrimination and neglect!!!

Why are we being  neglected?  Why the denial of chances to contribute our quota?

 Do I sense insecurity in governance by the same men  we gave all the  needed support to govern us? 

Is there any logical reason why women cant be elected in Anambra East? Or is Anambra East the most uncivilized local government in Anambra state because we are among the few that are yet to produce an elected woman  representative. 

The speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly and other women legislators are they not women?  Are they not making their people proud?  They are all there  because of the support and opportunities given to them to have a say in governance and  they are doing it so well. 

Their records speak volume. It is time for Anambra East to experience the joy of women in service. It's about time our men change their mindset and embrace civilization which offer gender equality.

Women of Anambra East, enough of our silence!!! If you have been silent in the face of ill perception that women should not be heard, it is time to stand up to support this new project.

If you don't speak for yourself in a society that prevents even qualified women from rising up above a certain level, it will never be lifted. It's now or never! 

Our voice must be heard! We can only eradicate women discrimination in our local government by supporting our courageous women in a time like this.. Time to shun irrelevant criticism and take our destiny into our hands. 

I thereby  urge all the qualified, intelligent and ready to serve women in  Anambra East local government  to come out to participate in this forth coming general election. 

His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano has given our women opportunities to serve in his government. Women are fully represented in his administration, but it is unfortunate that our women from our constituency do not come out in politics, due to fear of stigmatization, abuse and marriage limitations.

Do not be scared of name calling or what they might  tag you because it has always been their strategy to use such to scare us away . Develop a thick skin and fight for your right. 

I have waited to see women elected and declared winners in Anambra East to no avail. Women take the bull by the horn, rise above the prevalent seen and unseen huddles/barriers. Why should one be scared of falling without climbing first. Is staying on the ground for the fear of falling the best option? 

My fellow women, rise above fear! Rise above humiliation!  Rise above discrimination and gender equality. Egwu aburo maka m!! Na nwanyi na agbali mmanwu oso aburo maka nne mmanwu!! Okwani nwanyi mulu odogwu!! 

My great people of Anambra East, without any fear of contradiction, I humbly declare my intention to run for the state House of Assembly under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA in the forth coming election.

Hon Ifeoma Onwudiwe

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