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BREAKING NEWS: Eziagulu Otu Aguleri Invaded by Coordinated Attack From Ibaji and Entire People of Kogi State.

Ibaji local government area of Kogi State Indigene invades Aguleri,killing many peoples and scores injured.

The attack was organised raising the question that they are being prosecuted by hired professionals. 

Udorji Chiokwe,  an eye witness reported that over 90 persons were murdered in the mayhem, tens of houses razed down by invading militants. 

The attack took the community unaware dislodging businesses and farming activities as they are now  running to a sister community for refuge. 

The invaders were well equipped with sophisticated weapons of all forms and numbered over 90 from an eye witness account, all chanting of war songs in a coordinated manner. 

These people were purported to be heavily armed with sophisticated weapons, so more casually is expected.

The cause is not far fetched. There is a conspiracy against Igbo over the oil well found in AGULERI.  Since former President pronounced Anambra State as oil producing state, forces from The North are giving implied supports to Kogi State to frustrate legislative backing that such pronouncement requires for Anambra State to be legally clothed. 

Not long ago, it was wide reported in the Media, news of arms and military equipments imported by Kogi State government. Recent invasion has unveiled the reason for such importation. 

We appeal to Anambra state government and Federal government to come in and protect the masses from this senseless onslaught.


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