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AFA IGBO EFUNA: Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah , God's Handmaid To Salvage Anambra South.

by Nonso Nwachukwumereze

Anambra state is obviously a state lavishly blessed by God Almighty. Apart from its topographical, sociologocal, economic and political milestones attached to it, the presence of amicably amiable persons who are identified and traced to the state is something that baffles the rest of the world. 

These are individuals who have remarkably distinguished themselves from the rest of their peers through stretched disciplined efforts that had ensured that they become models of examplary and dignifying standards where ever they go.

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is an Epitome and symbol of immeasurable grace, strength, intelligence, charisma, humility, philanthropy, to mention but a few. 

Popular for standing in gap for the less privileged and down trodden, identifiable with the giant strides of Capital Oil and Gas Limited, a company which has not only provided succour and employment to the hitherto teeming unemployed Nigerians but has always stood at the frontiers of ensuring availability of petroleum products and services at even prices that have left his erstwhile draconian competitors in dire grasp for survival. 

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah aka Ebubechukwu uzo has always been a man who had always put God first in all he does. A dogged fighter and a relentless helper of the needy, tales of how he comes to the rescue of impoverished and exploited Nigerians and Anambarians are ever rife especially in those times of choking of Petroleum product scarcity. 

History is still trifling about he shared hundreds of kerosine tankers to the less privileged and those who could hardly afford it; when the oil cabals decided to shut down the lives of those whose daily meals depended on it. 

As a God fearing leader whose thirst has always been to do good anywhere and everywhere, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah single handedly undertook to build a magnificent cathedral at nnewi without the need for the catholic congregants and christian family having to strip and task themselves with pains. 

To the glory of God, work is ongoing at the cathedral and so many other platforms through which Ebubechukwu uzo had decided to express his sincere love to the people despite the obvious obnoxious attempts by enemies of God and the people to bring his good heart to the dark side. We know of attempts by the enemies of the masses to frustrate his long built and graciously flourishing business empires by using the NNPC and the EFCC as smoke screens to ensure that the man with the heart of gold to stopped either to massage their anti-people ego or to further the unpopularity and selfish ambitions of their paid masters. 

We are certain of one thing, one with God is majority. Whom God has blessed no one can curse. As long as their is a God to hear the prayers and cries of the people, the efforts of the enemies of Ifeanyi Ubah will surely be an exercise in futility. 

As we prepare to choose a senator to represent the good people of Anambra South senatorial district, we are certain that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, (having proved himself even when he was not pursuing any political interest) is the best choice of the people who wish to salvage their collective destinies from the hoard of political scavengers that will beseech our doors to mock our collective intelligence. 

Ebubechukwuuzo is the handmaid of God to restore the dignity of Anambra south. The choice before us now to that between  confirmed excellence and predictable insanity.

 We can't afford to make a waste of this priceless opportunity. Afa Igbo Efuna , oke ndi Anambra South ama efu.

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