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WHEN A RIGHTEOUS MAN IS ON THE THRONE : A case study of Dec. 2016 76 men Fc Ifeanyi Ubah London trip.

By: Emeka Odidika E.

The idea behind Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s “Fc Ifeanyi Ubah” sponsoring no fewer than 73 Nigerian youths on a tour to London, the United Kingdom capital, Dec 2016 is owned to concerted efforts “to grow the economy through strong Football sector.”

The tour saw Nigerians & Anambrarians who are football administrators, football managers, football facility managers, journalists, marketers, engineers, crowd managers, as well as members of Fc Ifenyi Ubah supporters club tour the Landon Stadium and it was made possible owing to Dr. atrick Ifenyi Ubah’s vision in life anchored on HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT.

Quoting The Human Capacity Builder General, “the Dec 2016 London tour with the delegation delighting themselves with the wonderful sights of England’s capital. I am very confident that those who were lucky enough to have been selected through the ballot system and other considerations must have learnt so much from the experience they got as we aspire to create a strong football-driven sub-economy in Nigeria“ ~ Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah (Dec. 2016).

According to the incoming senator of Anambra South Senatorial District, the challenge in the world today is the inability to transform ideas from paper to reality, but Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is very focused as he aim to actualize a noble agenda which would see our vision become reality

It is on note that the tour is aimed at recreating, re-branding and revitalizing the football sector back home as the first premier league club ever in the state of Anambra State aspire to be at par with our counterparts in Europe.

The lucky Nigerian youths, the football administrators and managers to name but few were availed an extensive insight on how best to manage and promote academy football especially as WEST HAM FC run one of the best academies in world football. As well as football facility managers who had opportunity of asking and taking notes on how to successfully manage football facilities (especially stadium). What empowerment can beat empowering the youths?

The football crowd controllers among the youths also had a practical experience of the structural planning that is needed to manage and control over 60,000 spectators at the Stadium anywhere with ease. Journalists in the delegation took notes on the role of the media in promoting a strong football sub-economy in Nigeria with special emphasis on successful European clubs. It is also of note that good number of Anambra youths (media practitioners) had the opportunity of appearing on one of the London based TV station & Super Sports where they took time to discuss our efforts and thereby building courage for the challenge ahead in their career.

Members of the supporters club among them also took notes on how to build a viable and vibrant supporters club relationship that will be at par with what is obtainable in Europe as one cannot talk of building a strong football-driven economy without strong and passionate fan base.

Above all, the club marketing unit and others with marketing as profession also understudied West Ham United’s merchandising (with an emphasis on their sports shop) while mulling over how to make ours better back home.
It will interest Nigerians to know that the London trip created an avenue for the England club partner (WEST HAM UNITED FC) to meet with Nigerian technocrats of different field of work as Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah urged them to come tap from our available pool of talent to see how the Nigerian club could help them with quality players who could aid them in sailing through difficult tide because Nigeria have good number of talented players who can fit into any league in the world including the English Premier League.

How can I say all this without mentioning the presentation Fc Ifeanyi Ubah’s Nigeria Football Federation Cup trophy to club English partner, WESTHAM UNITED FC and her fans to the delight of the boisterous crowd at their match against ARSENAL FC which was indeed a great honour for the Anambra Warriors to be recognized in such a manner and with such, the premier league side club is poised to conquer Africa.
Finally, Success has it that our society has started benefiting from the knowledge and firsthand experience the LONDON BOYS had acquired from the London trip especially as it concerns the recovery of Nigeria’s economy and our resolve to diversify her through football tourism.

Even as we read this, I’m aware of the impact this huge investment has already on the lives of most persons that went on the London trip as good number of them now live in the U.K with a multiple entrance visa which was handed to them in 2016. Also, one of the beneficiaries of the same trip will be enroute USA in few days from now, prior to the UK visa on his passport.

“Speaking to many of the beneficiary, most of them never saw that happening, but as my vision in life is anchored on human capital development, one can’t talk about developing a society without putting the people at the front burner of such development”.~ Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

At this juncture, I wish to call all and sundry, especially Ni Anambra South Senatorial District to join the movement to elect Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah as our next senator representing Anambra South in the red chamber. If this man can do this much (above is just but few), he will do greater if giving the platform.

This young man chooses to silently build the youths as they are the future of tomorrow Nigeria. AS A HUMAN CAPACITY BUILDER, HE WILL SPEAK LOUD FOR US AT THE CHAMBER AND WILL MAKE LAWS THAT WILL REPOSITION NIGERIAN YOUTHS FOR A BETTER NIGERIA.


I’m Emeka Odidika E
Abuja, Nigeria.

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