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NIGERIA 2019: Ugezu J Ugezu For President.

We must be decisive.

We must be extremely professional.

We must not look at faces.

We must be ready to step on toes.

We must dismantle all the corrupt structures that promote corruption by placing the wealth of the nation in the hands of a deadly group of men that will do anything, spend anything just to continue recycling power amongst themselves.

 We must end the retrogressive tax holidays in Nigeria and create a credible tax regime that will enable us run a credit economy.

We must completely separate the judiciary from the grip of the executive and ensure that the level of justice that drives creativity and development is established and available. This is the lead attraction that brings foreign investors.

When they are sure of justice, they will come with their investments. 
We must be super patriotic, and we must overhaul the system to make Nigerians have faith in the country again. 

A country where the masses have lost their sense of patriotism on the account of sustained draconian policies that undermine rule of law, separation of powers and equality of all before the law, by successive governments, is indeed, sitting on the keg of gunpowder. 

A nation without patriotism is, to say the least, dead. 
We can still salvage this country brethren. It takes us to get us up. 

UGEZU J. UGEZU for President of Nigeria, 2019. 
Get your PVC and be ready for the real change that will change the nation. 

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