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KAS-VID: The LAST BURIAL , Okpanku NENI Goes Home .

By Mazi Odera 23/02/2018

As the serenity of EZI NENI ,a village in NENI Town were pervaded by Class with Classic Men and Elegant Ladies ,they assembled with solemn determination to sit all night for the Departed Chukwuka Godwin Emelionwu (Kas Vid ) in a Wake keep that commanded all sought of great friends .

NENI is a towering town in ANIOCHA LOCAL GOVERNMENT ,A splendour of recent , who grabbed stardom during the internal crisis in OKA ETITI in 1985  ,a town that stand out as Heaven of South East in Early and Mid Eighties , but after an internal set aside crisis ,the grace and Stupendous Rich in OKA ETITI migrated to Oraukwu ,Ichida, Amichi and NENI ,a transferred wealth that I will call a welcome development.
Despite that splintered shares that spiked better living in neighbouring towns, one can still make a statement of fact about OKA ETITI with a redention of ama ka efi ata aru ,ije nwa ogalanya di ya na aru (No matter how Kean a cow goes ,the swag of the Rich still abound in his steps)

Going round NENI Town is beauty to behold ,all the streets were tarred by effort of one man who is the ONOWU of the Town ,a great man,a pillar builder ,a man who you can call a Wealthy man and not a Rich man .

One of the few Igbo Men who can point to Millionaires and said I sowed in their lives and they can say he made us .

Other Billionaires are the sought who hands just daily bread and wants you to kiss their behind for it .

They have a good ,peaceful loving town but they glorify masquerades in accent tradition but that is discussion for another day in a different setting .

Assorted Cars that brought assorted friends ,stayed the wake on a Wednesday night and on the rise of Thursday ,St Johns Catholic Church received hordes of personalities who sat  Pew to Pew and spilled out the Gracious Auditorium of the Church, right at the middle of the Alter lies the Casket brought by APAMS the Undertaker with Spirit ,inside the Casket lies the remains of OGBUEFI OZONNAMANI and who others call KAS VID,OKPANKU NENI .

Reverend Father's that officiated both the interment were sober as they reel out the good sides of Okpa Nku and right after the commitment to Mother earth ,the compound and all the neighboring houses saw that a Legend has departed.
Read my lips ,Kas died without his Riches but was buried better than any lived Rich man .

That reminds me of the event that happened during the Farewell Match played for him between SAMBA FC and UNION FC,after Union FC scored the 6th Goal while Samba is still struggling with 2 ,the Framed picture of Kas brought to the stand fell down ,signifying that Kas was around watching , and when he felt they have humiliated Samba enough he covered his face in shame .Moving on..

When the Daughter of Kas read her Funeral oration during the internment ,I couldn't resist the heart melting eulogy ,I refused to shed tears but my Heart bleeds.
If after all the Love poured to Kas and Government of Anambra state ,Kas friends left Ngozi the widow to cater for the education of this kids ,then I will say upfront that we are waste of breath.
Those kids needs scholarship from where ever they are now till they graduate.

The cream of Nollywood Actors sat in total askance including "THE FUTURE GOVERNOR OF ANAMBRA STATE " YUL EDOCHIE who contested for Governor of ANAMBRA state adorning a Black French Suit with stroke of Reddish inverter .

He also starred as the GOVERNOR in the last Movie produced by Kas VID for Governor Obiano on security called "THE LAST KIDNAP " .

Chogozie Atuanya "Chetanna" ,a Producer and Actor decked on Black all and Black spectacle as well were seated among the ASSOCIATION OF ANAMBRA ENTERTAINMENT PRACTIONERS "AASEP" .

Chief Bob Manuel Udokwu "Ifenkili na Anambra state " ,SA to Governor Obiano dressed on Black Pant with Sparkling Black Shirt was seated too .

Counting Chinedu Ikedieze "Aki the second of TOM AND JERRY  " whose emergence into the Movie world was thanks to Kas VID who featured him in one of his Epic movie called.. LAST BURIAL, then also in the Block buster AKI NA PAW PAW .

MR JOHN OKAFOR "IBU" was on hand to pay his last respect ,dressed like MR IBU ,he also entertained the crowd his way .

The attendance of DIAMOND FITNESS CLUB was awesome as they recorded a near 100% attendance.

I observed that they did not eat nor drink for the duration,they mourned in total silence and contrite spirit .

Union Football club Lagos ,All Stars Festac ,Samba FC and Nollywood Industry were fully on ground with likes of OJ PRODUCTION, Nnam Moses "Mosco" who partnered with Kas when they produced the Earth shattering movie "ISSAKABA" directed by Lancelot IMASUEN the GOVERNOR who was present with Charles Inojie, Mr Hollywood the President of AASEP was on ground and helping .

The Family of Kas VID will be glorified by the sheer presence of greatness that graced the burial ,great actors ,actresses and Movers and shakers including yours truly Mazi Odera the man with LETHAL PEN who was live on both Wake keep and Internment  .

At last the out pouring love to Kas VID was good enough ,the Governor of ANAMBRA state sent a representative to the Church service and the Former Gov Peter Obi graced the burial reception with Rep and he brought lot of support .

May the Soul of Okpanku rest in Peace . 

May the good Lord gave the family the fortitude to bear the loss .

By Mazi Odera 23/02/2018

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