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Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah Builds Cathedral For God.

Behold Assumption Cathedral, the only Nigerian Cathedral single handedly being built by an Individual's .

The man Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is well known for his philanthropy and efforts geared towards the betterment of Nigerians and the Nigerian economy through his investments in oil and gas, sports and media. Despite these giant efforts, Ebubechukwu Uzo as he is fondly called never relents in doing more for the community. This time, he has moved to the religious sector as he makes history by becoming the first Nigerian to build a Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral named Assumption Cathedral is located in Otolo-Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government of Anambra State with one hundred and nine churches and parishes under it. It is important to note that not only has he put many structures and projects in place to advance the economy, he endeavours to ensure at every point in time that all his projects which cost billions of naira are of very high quality and sturdily built to stand the test of time.

Furthermore, to ensure that Catholic faithfuls worship God in a befitting edifice, the oil magnate started the construction of the Cathedral building made up of 2 layers and 146 underground tombs on a five storey building elevation with over 5,000 seating capacity and over 750 car parking capacity. The tower foundation is also 12 meters deep filled all round in concrete powered by concrete mixers. Dr. Ubah, on receiving a report from a structural and integrity testing company that the roofing had failed an integrity test by -7% following the discovery of some integrity lapses, ordered the contractor to disconnect and pull down the already finished roofing immediately. For the dismantling of the roof to be actualized, Dr. Ubah had to buy cranes from French construction company named Bouygues construction. This audacious, humane and commendable decision, despite its attendant cost, was taken in a bid to avoid disaster occasioned by building collapse as have been reported in other parts of the country. Dr. Ubah as is his usual practice, opted for quality instead of allowing the contractor rush the project with substandard roofing knowing fully well that an expedited completion of the Cathedral would have brought him instant fame.

The pictures and videos show the work on ground at the project site as well as the dismantling of the roof after its failed integrity test. As such, anyone who means well for the Church should commend the generous spirit of Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi. Moreover, it is only a person who is either economical with the truth or living in self-deceit that will say the oil mogul has no intention of completing such a project that has already cost him billions of Naira. 

Note that while the oil magnate has no intention of publicizing such a project which is a sacrifice to God, it is important to make this clarification so that those who have the intention of playing unnecessary politics with the project will be wise at least for once.

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