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DR. PATRICK IFEANYI UBAH 2019: Let The Talking Ubah Replace The Non-Talking Uba.

By Harrison Madubueze.

Courage, Fearlessness, Boldness and Sincerity are the cardinal ingredients that defines MEN amongst men. You don't toil with them. 

He has been largely been misunderstood by many who felt he could be intimidated out of the way. 

Of more significance is the fact that, this man has demonstrated a rare COURAGE of  SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER IN NIGERIA. He has done it not once, not twice, and not thrice. 

Umunnem Ndi APGA Anambra South,

The Nigeria of today, requires in its entirety, SENATORS with this dogged SPIRIT. A courageous and dogged talking type SENATORS.R

Today, we are again, faced with another option of he is "...not a talking type...".  The same reason the failed UBAH was criticized heavily for not being out spoken at the SENATE. Whenever the concern was raised then, people will say Andy is not a "talking type".

My question is, if one is not a TALKING TYPE, what then is the business at the SENATE...? In Anambra Central, the POLITICAL IKENGA of Anambra State Sen. Sir Victor Umeh OFR is a talking type. He is courageous and fearless and thus we stood behind him. 

In the next few months, APGA ANAMBRA South Senatorial will be up against history as two of their illustrious sons will be up for a serious contest in the party primary election. Let us bear in mind that the SENATE is all about talking. One has demonstrated it and saved the nations economy. In PDP he proved his mettle. In APGA, he introduced the MOST POWERFUL campaign slogan ever known to man in black Africa that saw APGA thrash all the opposition bigwigs within his constituency in Nnewi. A fit that's worthy of note. He supported APGA, he worked the talk. He could have maintained a low key attitude and still claimed he wasn't a talking type. He was seen in every nook and cranny telling our people the need "na AFAIGBO AMA NFU". 

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is the right man for the SENATE. We are tired of being deceived with the naive saying that one is not a talk type. Please the failed Ubah was and is also not a talking type and that's why we are where we are. 


.......LET A TALKING UBAH REPLACE A NON TALKING UBA.......and that's only way APGA will constantly be remembered in Nigeria. (think about this). 

By Harrison Madubueze .

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