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Ovala Umueri 2017 : His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Izuchukwu Emeka JP (Oke-ebo II of Umueri) Celebrated Ovala.

The 2017 First Ovala Celebration of His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Izuchukwu Emeka JP (Oke-ebo II of Umueri) has come and gone but the memories of it still resonates in the minds of Umueri people, Ndi Omabala and Anambra state in general.

Indeed, it was filled with fun as the people witnessed the first ever Ovala celebrated in Umueri after 22 years, suffix to say it was unprecedented. 

The Ovala Festival celebration took place on the 27th - 31st December,  2017, but there were various pre-Ovala activities that took place before the main Ovala, no doubt, these activities served as prelude that ushered in the main Ovala Festival Celebration. Amongst these activities includes Umueri Skill Acquisition Training that started on 20th, and ended on the 27th of December 2017. About 150 Umueri Youths were trained in various skills ranging from ICT, Shoe Making, Catering, Tailoring as well as Cosmetics and make-ups. 

There were also a pre-Ovala Crusade that started on the 23rd - 25th, and ended on the 27th of December 2017, with a praise Rally and a praise night at Ama Umueri. It also pertinent to note however, that a free medical outreach was organised by Umueri sons and daughters in Diaspora on the 28th of December, wherein all Umuerians both old and young were given free medical care at Umueri General Hospital.

The community also witnessed a very successful and colourful Cultural display on the 28th of December, as the sounds and presence of different masquerade herald the very much expecting populace. Ama Umueri became a behive of activities after homages had been paid to the Palace of His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Emeka (Oke-ebo II of Umueri) by different dance and cultural groups.

The Youth body was not also left out of this epoch making events, as they came out enmass on the 29th of December 2017 to mark their annual youth day celebration with carnival, after paying homage to the Palace of His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Emeka (Oke-ebo II of Umueri). Led by the National Youth President, Ambassador Chibuzor Ekwenye, there were thereafter hosted to a party (Ovala Eve) at the Palace, by His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Ben Emeka (Oke-ebo II of Umueri)

The Main Ovala Day Celebration (30th December 2017):

The arrival of Igbaeze group at 7am ushered in the activities scheduled for the day, and this was followed by the arrival of Umueri Royal Cabinet At 8am. Soon, the arrival of Umueri General Assembly Executive and other guests at 9 0clock and 10am respectively now set the center stage.

Not too long, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Emeka JP (Oke-ebo II of Umueri) made his way out amidst cheers from all quarters, as he moved around to acknowledge and exchange pleasantries from people. 

In attendance were all the Age-grades and various groups within and outside Umueri namely; Akababa age grade, Tana age grade, Udoka,  Oganiru,Njikoka, Igwebuike, Eriamaka, Ofuobi, Ekwueme, Ifeadigo, Oguebigo, Ugoejiejemba, Uzoegheli, and Ifeamaka age grade. Other UGA branches that were present includes all the UGA branches of Awka, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Ogwuachi, Sokoto, Aba, Enugu, Onitsha  and Abuja branch. 

Other groups present are Umueri Born Again Christian Association (UBACA), National Association of Umueri Student (NAUS), St. Marks Catholic church Nneyi, Cathedral Church of Saint Gabriel Umueri, Immanuel Ang. Church Enuobodo Umueri, Chiben Vanguard, ASATU, Oke-ebo ladies, Nigeria Breweries, as well as Hostcom Anambra State chapter. 

All the quarters in Umueri namely; Ezi Umueri, Ikenga Umueri,  and Ivite Umueri were also very much in attendance to witness the First Ovala Festival celebration of His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Benneth Emeka (Oke-ebo II of Umueri).

After the speech by His Royal Majesty, it was time for Outing parade. Adorned with a white apparel clothed with a royal regalia and crown, His Royal Majesty walked round in the company of his Cabinet members amidst cheers from on-lookers. 

After the outing followed homages from different age grades and groups, as well as government functionaries and Royal Fathers from other community. No doubt, Umueri First Ovala Celebration by HRM Igwe Sir Ben Emeka JP (Oke-ebo II of Umueri) was epic and still an unforgettable memory for those who witnessed it.

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  1. I love umueri kingdom...they are people of peace and kind heart....igwe one ebo ll of umueri may you live forever...long live his royal majesty...