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Last night at Nnewi, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah did and said things that is making me write about him again this week. I did one last week. 

The occasion had the gathering of the "who is who" both in politics and in business. The creme de la creme of Anambra State ranging from captains of industries to renowned entrepreneurs were all present for the "FC Ifeanyi Ubah Installation of Patrons, Patronesses, Special Members/Award Night" under the distinguished Chairmanship of Mr Humphrey Ngonadi, CEO Ngo Bros Ltd. The Chief Host of the evening was the ebullient and enthusiastic Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, President, FC Ifeanyi Ubah (Anambra Warriors). 
When the time came for him to address the crowd and enlighten his audience on the business of the day, he climbed the stage with terrific zest that depicts confidence and coordination. 

With the Mike in hand, he stood for more than two hours selling football business ideas to his listening audience. The spectacle reminds one of those modern Hollywood movies where an Arab Real Estate billionaire gathers his friends and business partners in a lavishly decorated home to convince them that a desert can actually be turned into a "paradise".

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah held his audience spell bound reeling out his exploits and achievements in both local and international football competitions. The way he dissected football investments reminds me of the finesse with which by biology teacher opens up a toad for our science practical class back in the days while we watch in awe. 
Everyone listened with solemn admiration as he delved from one angle of the discussion to the other while displayed films on the large electronic screen serves as proof and evidence to his claims. 

From the world standard 27,000 capacity stadium which currently accommodates 18,000 spectators so far and has gulped a humongous amount of money in billions, to the travels and partnerships formed around the world especially in England with West Ham United, all were been viewed live. 
He went on to talk about his vision of grooming a footballer in 50,000 homes in Anambra State. This project which has already registered presence in all the 21 local government areas in Anambra State, will see a child get complete football kit plus a ball for just a registration fee of #200 which covers administrative cost for processing of application forms. This step earns the prospect a complete set of football kit.

The complete kit comes with a Jersey set, socks, boots and of cause a football. 

Then comes the business angle because the average Nnewi man has an eye for business in places where others see nothing.

Ebubechukwuzo didn't mince words when he stated clearly that the purpose of the gathering is for him to introduce his numerous billionaire kinsmen and business associates into the "SUPER PROFIT HARD CURRENCY FOOTBALL BUSINESS". 

He said it will be easier for them to stake handsomely in the venture because he has done all the groundworks to assure a smooth sail towards profit making.

The way he painstakingly revealed the little secrets that makes a football investor successful was always appreciated by thunderous applauds from his listeners. 

After the verbal analysis and marketing presentations, he invited some members of his first team and some fielders to mount the stage and perform some superb football joggling and controls. The skills displayed by the teenagers were enough for any serious minded investor to start a geometrical calculations of would be profit if the begging opportunity is taken. Trust Ndi Nnewi, they all wanted  to have a piece of the cake. No one wants to be left behind.

There was this analogy about how Paul Pogba a Manchester United player who was sold to Juventus for less than one million pounds and in less than four years, Manchester United was begging to buy back the same Pogba from Juventus for a whopping sum of ninety million pounds. That happens to be a fact the audience knew and it became the bliss the salesman needed to put the final nail on the coffin. 

He was applauded when he boldly told his friends and colleagues that spare parts business is outdated. He asked them to invest their billions in football and enjoy profit in millions of pounds and dollars.

The whole story boils down to investors sponsoring a good number of potential football superstars in the Ifeanyi Ubah Football Academy and also become patrons, sponsor and stakeholders in FC Ifeanyi Ubah. 

FC Ifeanyi Ubah is a club founded on solid financial footing and world class infrastructure which also enjoys established international partnership.

As it stands today, the club is the only football club from Anambra State that plays in the Nigeria Elite league. They won the FA cup in 2016 and went on to defeat Enugu Rangers in the Super Cup making them the Champion of Champions same year. 
In 2017, they qualified for intercontinental competition and did very well. Though they did not get to the finals, they left the stage with a loud ovation and promises of bouncing back stronger and better.

The laurels and trophies the club won both locally and internationally in the last two years were on display for the viewing pleasure of the audience. 

Therefore, knowing what magic touch Ndi Nnewi have over any business they set their eyes on, coupled with the resounding business successes Ifeanyi Ubah has achieved,  I don't think anyone with serious investment considerations will wait another second to jump into the fray and be counted among the first callers. 

Well... Truth is I don't know and I am not sure if this opportunity is open all year round but I heard him say he will consider another set on patrons in December 2018 if there's need for further expansion. 

Personally, I will buy as small as my pocket can take. Who knows where the next Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo will come from. But when you have 50,000 Naija born teenagers with a football each, so much is sure to happen. Education+Football=Superprofit.

FC Ifeanyi Ubah... Anyi bu ndi mmeri

My name is....

Mike Okechukwu
Akaeze Igbakwu
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