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Former Prostitute Completes Course At Bible College, Celebrates 3 Months Of Not Sleeping With Any Man

According to the report, in order to continue with her business, the lady used 

to lie about her age. She tried to abort the sixth one but it failed so she delivered 

the baby with so many complications.

The lady who was tired of her lifestyle, was handed her over to Girl power, a 

women’s department at the church as  she underwent discipleship classes which

 have literally transformed her life.

According to the church, by yesterday, she marked exactly three months of not 

sleeping with any man. To her, that’s a big miracle since she couldn’t spend a day 

without selling herself for money. Even when there was no client, she would go to 

bars and drink, then masturbate.

Her condition was so bad that her family members rejected her, with no friends and 

a sense of belonging, Sharon now celebrates her new life in Christ

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