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By Emeka Odionu

Anambrarians were faced with two choices
(A) Sustaining the good performance of the government in power (B) Gamble with uncertainty .And the electorates went for the former .
Sir Victor Umeh said that two days to the election he was on Channels television for "sunrise daily" and predicted a landslide victory for APGA which came to pass.The largest political gathering in recent times in Anambra state was recorded during Apgas flag-off  on Oct 2 and I had no doubt that APGA was going to win,Sir Victor Umeh said.

"Anambra state before the emergence of Gov Willie Obiano was known for violent crime and kidnapping ,69 people were kidnapped during the last administration and Mr OBI,Peter Obi's commissioner for science and technology was kidnapped and killed during Obi's administration .
"In the first month of Gov Obianos administration,he held a security summit,invited security experts and the aim of the summit was achieved within six months in office.
"Gov Obiano resolved to modern ways of fighting crime using tracking device,bought cars for security agents with communication gadgets,established a control room to locate where the victims are kept,engaged the Navy,civil defense,NDLEA,Police,army.
"Once a kidnap case is recorded,within few minutes,it's tracked and security agents go after them.
Obiano attacked the supply depots where arms were supplied to kidnappers and thieves and with his giant strides in security ,investors started coming in.
"In 2013,Obiano said he will make Anambra state first choice investment destination in Nigeria and he achieved that.
Prior to his administration,entrepreneurs in Nnewi and Onitsha had left but they are now coming back.
Ndi Anambra know this and decided to vote for Willie Obiano again to continue in his success in security..............Chief Victor Umeh.


"As a seasoned banker and chattered accountant,Gov Obiano ,immediately he was sworn in did biometrics to fish out ghost workers and obtained the work force of Anambra state.
"General promotion exercise was done periodically and those who were due for promotion were promoted.
"Anambra enjoyed the healthiest workforce in Nigeria and salaries were paid on 24th every month which gave Gov Obiano the nickname "Alert governor".
"Even in recession when many states could not pay salaries ,Obiano consistently was paying salaries and that boosted the economy of Anambra state which made all civil servants ,pensioners and their those who depend on them to vote for Obiano"........Sir Victor Umeh.

"Each community in Anambra state got a #20m project built for them.Each community out of 181 communities in Anambra state chose a project,got a contractor and projects such as civic centers,maternities,markets,skill acquisition centers were executed in their towns.
"Eighty six communities that have executed their projects have received another #20 million for the second phase.......Sir Victor umeh 


"Gov Obiano inherited 101 roads from Peter OBI and completed 51 roads having paid #62b to complete those roads.
"The value of the roads were #185b,OBI  paid mobilization  fee to the contractors and bequeathed #127b contingent  liability to Obiano.
"The electorates know this hence  the massive votes for Obiano.....Sir Victor Umeh.


"The three bridges built  by Gov Obiano at AWKA is a legacy  project and his predecessor ,Peter OBI cannot point at any legacy project he did in eight years he governed.
"OBI disgraced himself during the campaign as he talked to an unwilling electorates.
"OBI was fighting a man whom the people believed worked for them.
"We drew the analogy between Obi's first term in office and Obianos first term and knew that Obiano performed and that he was going to win.
"When you add all the votes scored by other contestants ,it  wasn't close to Obianos votes.
"21/21 was not a magic neither was it an unusual expectation but on performance which was extra-ordinary.....Sir Victor Umeh.

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"Anambra had a choice to make."It was a choice between good governance and a gamble with uncertainty".........Sir Victor Umeh.

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