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IF NOT BROKEN, WHY MEND IT?...Professor Charles Soludo!

Written by Odaa Opuo

Many schools of thought have been dissecting the administration of Chief Willie Obiano's administration in Anambra state. Many opinion moulders and political stalwarts are equally assessing good political and economic environment obtainable in Anambra state now. Several community watchers and by-standers heap positive and incontrovertible apparels on the administration of Chief Willie Obiano especially in infrastructural development, workers welfare and water-tight security arrangement and agricultural development in the state..

The brilliant and the most outstanding feat which is the fundamental stroke that turns the tide of developments in Anambra state is the WATER-TIGHT SECURITY arrangement of His Excellency Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano. In the years past, the security arrangements in Anambra state was heart-aching and disastrous. It was nothing to write home about. Anambra was at the centre stage of negative publicity for collective gangsterism, organized brigandage, unchallenged armed robbery and celebrated kidnapping activities. The world powers and world largest economies issue travel warnings against Anambra state as a state with the worst and riskiest place to visit or do business in Nigeria. Anambra state being the pivotal and focal point in Igboland degenerated into political and economic wilderness due to poor security. There were chaos in every corner of the state. Criminals started chasing and oppressing even the government. Businesses closed down and relocated to other states. There were hunger, anguish and gnashing of teeth all over Anambra state. There were several killings, assassinations and maiming of innocent citizens of Anambra state. In fact, THINGS FELL APART in Anambra state then.

The apogee of the whole matter was when a sitting governor was kidnapped, abused, humiliated and slapped like a commoner. They went ahead to plunder all the public buildings and installations in the state namely; Anambra Broadcasting Service building and installations, Ikenga Holiday Resorts, Anambra state House of Assembly complex, government house and many others. These clandestine activities went on for days with the support of some Abuja politicians who are now career political aspirants. These scavengers who sucked the blood of many innocent citizens of Anambra state are now queuing up in a strange party to take over the state. They want to start from where they stopped. But what baffled all of us is that this former governor who could not protect himself not to talk of protecting others is going round the media houses in the country telling Nigerians how shameless he seems to be. Chineke a gaghi ekwe ka echiche Ndi ilo mezue.

Today, by all indices and measures; Anambra have been wrestled out from the claws and jackdaws of these clandestine guys by His Excellency Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano. Today, people sleep with their two eyes closed. Today, all the closed businesses have been resuscitated back to life. Business activities in the state now progress without borders. Investors now fall on themselves to be in Anambra. The state is now an investment destination and tourism hub in Nigeria. Onitsha is now one of the safest places in Nigeria unlike those days. Night life has fully returned to Anambra state. The business environment in the state is now on 24 hours basis. Ndi Anambra are now safe and happy under Chief Obiano.

Ndi be anyi, Ife Oma ka a na-eñomi eñomi. Anambra is now a pilgrimage centre for other states to come and learn how to tackle security issues. Even the federal agencies troop into Anambra to see how Anambra examples could be replicated in other states. The Chief of Army Staff was here, Chief of Defense staff was here, Inspector-General of police was here, Chief of Naval staff was here, Chief of Air staff was here, Customs, Civil Defence, DIGs, AIGs of many police formations and other heads of agencies came to learn it the Obiano way.  The international communities are not left out in the chase for Obiano's genuine and applaudable magic. American Ambassador to Nigeria, British High Commissioner to Nigeria, French Ambassador to Nigeria, et al visited Obiano to lend their supports to him. They all gave kudos to His Excellency for having the POLITICAL WILL to delve into a place where even the devil in Nigeria feared to engage and classically defeated them.

As the political clouds gather in the state now, the same people that plundered Anambra are planning to try their nefarious tactics. They should try every other area but not Anambra security arrangements. Few months ago , a cousin of Ngige who runs an exquisite lounge in Awka was kidnapped. These boys wanted to try whether Obiano's arrangement is still in tact. Today, where are those boys? The victim has been freed and he is hale and hearty. THIS IS A SERIOUS WARNING SIGNAL TO THOSE BOYS AND THEIR BENEFACTORS. ANAMBRA STATE IS SAFE UNDER OBIANO's WATCH.

This event now take us to 3rd anniversary lecture by Professor Charles Soludo who is a former Central Bank Governor (CBN) who opened the eyes of Ndi Anambra on the activities and opportunities gained from Obiano's administration in the state. He laid everything bare in clear terms. He made serious inclinations on the benefits of supporting Chief Obiano for a second term in office. Even Chief Ken Nnamani agreed with him, not minding that he is of opposition backgrounds. They all believe that Igboland comes first before politics.. They believe that we can not allow politics to spoil the good administration that is people-oriented in Anamnbra state now. They all acknowledge that Chief Obiano is doing exceedingly very well. Chief Soludo rightly mentioned that no need to change the winning team in the middle of the match. He ended it with a statement that goes thus "IF NOT BROKEN, WHY MEND IT? Umu nna m, Okwu agwugokwanu. Ka Chineke mezie Okwu.

Wouldn't you rather support this noble man till 2022?

I support!

....Still from Odaa Opuo's desk domiciled in Amichi.

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