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Political promises has become a National Anthem for public office seekers especially during an electioneering period.

However, propaganda has become a word we are familiar with in Nigeria. A pledge is more deadly than a promise but that doesnt stop Oseloka H. Obaze, the fraudulent PDP  Gubernatorial candidate for the Amawbia Lodge 2017 from moving around making pledge that he will govern Anambra and Ndi-Anambra for a single tenure. And I ask, should we trust such a man who lives in the real of phantasmagorial?
Its high time we rightly inform the PDP illegal candidate that electorates are more educated than he thought. 

On many occasions, I have with keen interest followed OHO's campaign on media and found out *he's making promise* for a single tenure if elected Anambra State Governor come November 18, 2017.

Which ward counselor or House Member wouldn't want a second tenure in office? When Ministers are seriously lobbying for longer days in office, Obaze whose candidacy is questionable is seen propagating for a single tenure if he's elected.

If Mr. Obaze couldn't step down the illegitimate primary election that produced him and if Mr. Obaze could also before the general public on a live TV program called  his co- contestants *sour losers* then Mr. Obaze holds no integrity to propagate a *one tenure administration* if elected.

Mr. Obaze must also be reminded that his one single tenure pledge is a reminder that his godfather Mr. Peter Obi wants a third tenure in Agu-Awka through proxy.

It is on notice that Ndi-Anambra are now political wiser, and doesn't reward frauds.

Comr. Chigbo Okafor
Write from Unizik.

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