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OUR IDENTITY..........pt 1.

When a new political dispensation started in 1998, three political parties,APP,PDP and AD were formed.
AD was strong in the south-west and won all the gubernatorial contest there.
APP was strong in the north -east and made some impact in north-central in the gubernatorial election.
PDP was seen as a national party .Ndi-Igbo ,led by Dr Alex Ekwueme ;(fmr Vice President of Nigeria) played a major role in the formation of the party and PDP won all gubernatorial election in south-east.
Ndi-Igbo supported Dr Ekwueme in his quest to get PDP's presidential ticket at the primaries in Jos but the powers that be from the north hijacked the process and supported a southern westerner,,Olusegun Obasanjo to clinch PDP's presidential ticket against Dr Ekwueme, a strong member of G-34 that formed  PDP.

During Obasanjos first term as a president,it became obvious that PDP had schemed Ndiigbo out and some passionate Igbo men led by Chekwas Okorie  desired to give us an IDENTITY.
The identity they sought was to form a new party that will have an Igbo agenda,win elections in south-east and map out a strategy to get to Aso-rock.

With Maxi Okwu,Victor Umeh,Okechukwu Nwosu,,and support of some Igbo men who were in PDP but worked beyind the scene to form a formidable party that will give us a voice,the name APGA was adopted.
President Olusegun Obasanjo ,knowing that APGA was going to give Ndi-Igbo a voice fought day and night to ensure that the party was not registered.
As OBJ was busy frustrating the idea,God as he raised Joseph ,sent him to Egypt to prepare a place for his brethren raised an INEC commissioner ,Ifeyinwa Obegolu.
As a staff of INEC,Mrs Obegolu who is now a member of APGA 's BOT dared Pres.Obasanjo and ensured that the party APGA was registered.

No sooner had INEC registered the party than Late Emeka Ojukwu was brought into the party.
Ojukwus entry into APGA gave the party an IDENTITY and he was given Apgas presidential ticket .
Everywhere in Nigeria,during the 2003 presidential and gubernatorial election,APGA was in the lips of every Igbo man and woman and we massively voted for Late Emeka Ojukwu  in the presidential election.

In the gubernatorial election,Ezekiel Izuogu with APGA ticket defeated Achike Udenwa,Peter OBI defeated Chinwoke Mbadinuju,Ugochukwu Agballa defeated Chimaroke Nnamani  and Apgas guber ticket holder in Abia,Chief Onwuka defeated Uzor Kalu.
In the polling booths,APGA won but at the INEC offices in AWKA,Enugu,Owerri,Umuahia, the figures were changed and INEC declared PDP 's candidates in south-east winners of the guber.election.

Ndi-Igbo ,by massively voting APGA sent a message to Nigerians that we have regained our lost IDENTITY with Emeka Ojukwu ,our leader.
When we thought that all hope was lost,Peter OBI by the help of God and strong persistence got back his mandate while others lost at the court.

Obi's victory and his swearing in on March 17 ,2006,gave us a new hope and the journey began  with Emeka Ojukwu and our indefatigable national chairman,Chief Victor Umeh spearheading the journey to make "Ala-Igbo an APGA region for identity purpose" having lost out from PDP.
In 2011, with APGA ticket,Rochas Okorocha became a governor in Imo state but decamped after one year in office to APC.

In 2013's Anambra states guber election, the IDENTITY message was preached.
The APGA "bu nke anyi" message was preached.The electorates understood the IDENTITY message as they did in 2003 and 2010 when Eze-Igbo told Ndi Anambra his last wish and voted APGA.

On November 18,2017, Ndi Anambra state will go to the polls again to elect a governor.
If we vote APGA out,we have lost our IDENTITY.
If Willie Obiano loses,APGA is gone.And if APGA is gone ,the name ,Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu will be forgotten and in the grave he weeps.
APGA has a strong plan to win all gubernatorial election in south-east in 2019 and if Obiano loses,there will be no foundation to campaign in other states in Igboland come 2019.

Late Chinua Achebe wrote a book and titled it "THERE WAS A COUNTRY", and may  Chimamanda Adichie not write a book in future with a title ........."THERE WAS A POLITICAL PARTY".
PDP could not give us an IDENTITY............
APC is not an option for an Igbo man's IDENTITY.........
Let's vote APGA again on Nov 18 to preserve OUR IDENTITY.............

"The survival of APGA is paramount in our minds today,if we lose APGA, we have lost everything"...............................Chief Dr Victor Umeh.


Emeka Odionu.

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