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By Theo Manafa

A lot has been said about how Willie’s success in addressing security in Anambra is his greatest achievement so far, but little do people realize how NATURAL and ORDAINED it was for Willie to achieve this feat.

Let’s take a cursory look at his name WILLIE (a derivation of William):
The meaning of the name “William” is: “Will, Desire, “A Strong and Resolute Protector”. The masculine name William is a compound name of Wilhelm, of Germanic origin. It is a compound of two elements – wil, which means desire, and helm, which means helmet or protection, giving William the meaning ‘desire to protect’ or ‘resolute protection’.

As a Risk Strategist and Resolute Accountant, Willie knew that only SECURITY will bring about the revolution of changes in the Anambra State government and its citizenry, to turnaround the miseries of the past crime-riddled regimes.
Therefore he went on to make Security the central pillar of his FOUR PILLARS OF GOVERNMENT.

Anambra State administrations before Willie were enmeshed with solving heinous crimes for which Anambra was identified with in those days, with Mythologized crime figures, including  BOYS OYEH, BAKASSI BOYS, DERICO NWA MAMA, and a plethora of idolatry-trotting mobs, that ended up killing more of the victims than the villains.
Most parts of Anambra were designated No-Go Areas even in broad daylight, despite the untold volume of funds spent on crime-fighting in the state.

As the Ordained person to solve the Mystery of Crimes in Anambra State, Willie got down to work within his very first week in office.

Whilst the previous administrators of Anambra State were myopically digging the scene around them for solutions, Willie, being Intelligent and Cosmopolitan, understood from day one, that the solution is way beyond the confines of Anambra State.
The solution was found in faraway ISRAEL, and in the person of MOSHE KEINAN.

One might be excused to ask “Why Israel?”
Then I’ll be obliged to inform them that the Holy Land of Israel is not just a tiny sovereignty, surrounded by hostile Arab nations, but also reputed to have the finest and most sophisticated Secret Service – the MOSSAD, in the whole world. Better than the Russian KGB, and the American CIA.
No wonder the age old adage says – “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.

Then Why Moshe Keinan?
Capt. Keinan is a highly acclaimed security expert, who has held command and combatant positions in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea as a commander of missile ship squadrons and patrol boats. 
Keinan was also at different times, Chief of Naval Operations, Chief of the department for planning and control as well as Chief of the Command and Control Unit. 
He has expertise in national security planning, naval security, system thinking and analysis, human simulations, organisational control, strategic planning, building working plans and development of instruction training plans among many others. 
Keinan has a Master’s degree from Harvard. 

It is important for us to understand the capacity and expertise of the man that laid out the security architecture of the New Anambra State for Willie, and for which he got numerous accolades for fishing out Keinan within his first week in office.
He was brought down to Anambra along with his “Box of Security Magic”.

Within 2 months in office, Willie held his first High-Powered delegation Security Retreat, leading to the launching of Operation Kpochapu.
The Operation Kpochapu teams comprised of all security agencies in the state, including the Police, Army, Navy, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Customs, and even the vigilante, among others. 
They were fully equipped with sophisticated gadgets, vehicles and communications system.
Their mandate was to fish out drug barons, armed robbers, kidnappers and even petty thieves, and all who engage in any activity considered not to be in the positive interest of the state.

Their mission paid off greatly, and the song on the lips of every Anambra resident is that Willie has become the new messiah who has managed to keep the state safe, and devoid of the brazen robberies and daylight kidnappings witnessed under previous administrations, and which the state is synonymous with then. 

With the prospects of a looming danger, where kidnappers and armed robbers chased out of Anambra will go and take refuge in neighbouring states, Willie sought and convened a security conference for the South-East states and Delta State, and got them to replicate what he is doing in Anambra by presenting some of his strategies to them.
The South-East and Delta States’ Security Conference of 2015, with the theme: ‘Security Bedrock for Governance’ held at the Anambra State Governor’s Lodge with several personalities including five governors in attendance, was highly acclaimed the world over. 

There is, however, one thing that most people gloss over whenever the Anambra Security success story is told. That is Willie’s purposeful application of his SECURITY VOTES.
In other climes as well as the previous administrations in Anambra, Security Votes predominantly belongs to the Governor, and to whom no expenditure records are required.
Only in Willie’s Anambra State will people see firsthand, the usefulness of this special allocation to states and how and where Security Votes have been made to work for the benefit of the people. 
It has long been established that providing efficient and watertight security requires a great deal of money. 
Willie has demonstrated that being the Chief Security Officer of a state should not be an empty title in a country enamoured of titles that carry little if any substance. 
He has shown that as a Chief Security Officer, the first priority of any governor should be the safety and security of his people.

This is Willie...
He is Natural...
He is Ordained...
He is The Man In The Mirror.

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