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From Kingsley Ezekwelu

The Anambra state governor, Chief Willie Obiano's administration is building a new Anambra where opportunities for prosperity would abound for all and every segment of the economy. With the conscious efforts he has made through the instrumentality of his strategic economic blueprint, the State has become economically viable and stable to the extent that it has achieved 70 percent self sufficiency across key fields within just three years.

It shows that by the time he completes his 8-year tenure, the state would surely become economically sure-footed and self sufficient. The governor who made this possible through his systematic application of sophisticated modern technological equipment training, retraining and empowering of all security agencies in state, that form the joint security inter agency team. This effort cuts all barriers creating friendly cooperation among them.

The governor as a leader and philosopher knows that if there is no harmony among the security agencies then the good intentions of this his sincere initiative would die without achieving any meaningful result. He first of all tackled all bottlenecks and issues that would hinder the success of this great gesture through the reconciliation of all the service heads and their agencies in the the state to form a common front and approach.

With the success stories of this landmark security network Gov Obiano swung into action as the commander in Chief of the statewide operation, designed and adopted a time frame within which to overwhelm and rid the state of all criminal elements. Code-named 'Operation Mkpochapu', this joint security team in just few tactical moves within nooks and crannies of this state swept away and arrested criminality in the state to the admiration and acknowledgment of all. What a great feat! 

Since creation of the state till date Anambra had been bedeviled with the worrisome challenge of armed banditry, seeming insurmountable rampant cases of high profile kidnap and other forms of criminal activities. Then, it was like the state was home to all criminal exploits and adventures. Evil had loomed large with bravado and vigor. But it is now certainly obvious that since inception of this present administration ably led by Chief Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global) Anambra state has been experiencing tremendous peace and prosperity.

No doubt that today Ndi Anambra proudly do their businesses, ceremonies and other social engagements anywhere and any time in all parts of the state without any form of fear or security impediment. The state by the sincere and genuine efforts of Obiano's administration has been popularly adjudged the safest state in Nigeria.

The governor took workers welfare as the first line charge of his administration by committing himself with the bond of integrity for paying the workers salaries on or before 25th of every month without fail. He has certainly given leadership a bold human face. This is happening at a time many states in Nigeria today including even the oil producing ones owe workers backlog of salaries.

But Akpokuedike has paid even arrears of pension and gratuity up-to-date. He takes the Training and retraining of the workers and other welfare packages like leave allowances, a bag of rice each as Christmas gift, promotion and reward of excellence with serious commitment. All these goodies were to make them be more proactive, very efficient and innovative. Gov Obiano knew that once the workers are happy they would help in the fight against corruption and boost the internally generated revenue (IGR)of the state with added zeal.

These magical exploits in the areas of security and workers welfare have significantly contributed in transforming and stabilizing the state's economy. And has therefore succeeded in laying a solid foundation for the economic prosperity of the state for years to come. Also due to enabling environment created by the Obiano administration through provision of maximium security, prompt payment of workers salaries, cutting cost of governance and building strong financial base, investors are now trooping into the state seeking wealth creating opportunities that now abound. This has indirectly been opening more employment opportunities for the jobless and increasing the state's IGR.

Every good work, as the popular saying goes, can never go without commendation and reward. First, the United Nations and the United States of American(USA) in their separate security indexes have described Anambra state as the safest state in Nigeria, followed by commendations from the two successive leaderships of the Nigeria Police. The immediate past Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase and the incumbent, Idris Ibrahim had heartily commended Obiano's efforts in area of security, and both described Anambra as the safest state in Nigeria today.

On the part of the workers the organized Labour in the state that include the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress(TUC), National Union of Teachers(NUT), National Union of Local Government Employees(NULGE), Radio and Theatre Workers Union(RATAWU)), etc at the 2017 May Day rally, honored the governor as the most worker-friendly governor in Nigeria and unanimously endorsed him for second term in office. This was without any prompting or inducement.

It is on record that Gov Obiano's modest exploits in the Agriculture sector, Roads infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Trades and Commerce, Education, Industrialization, Youth empowerment as a shining example of what is achievable through the power of vision.

The governor indeed deserves the sincere support of Ndi Anambra, maka na ife anyi n'acho n'uko enu, di n'uko ani(meaning that what we are seeking for elsewhere is here under our noses). Just like the great economist and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), Prof Chukwuma Soludo said "if not broken ,why mending it". Akpokuedike is the best man for the job of governance in Anambra state for now.

Let's all support him to consolidate the good job he has started. It is not all that glitters that are gold. They would always make outlandish promises. But in the end they fail woefully. Obiano has proven to be a man of integrity and worthy character. Onye obuna tunyere ya vote ka Ife oma di wanye(let's all vote for him, so as to increase and extend his good deeds)

Ndi Anambra let us not make mistake that we will regret tomorrow, Obiano is tested, trusted and proven to be the best !


Owelle Onyeka Mbaso
SSA Political to Gov. Obiano, APGA & Gov Obiano's Spin Doctor 
Support Gov. Obiano's Administration and APGA 
Willie is Working, QED.

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