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Written by Emeka Odionu.

Three months ago, Dr Chris Ngige, the former governor of Anambra state, former senator and the incumbent minister of Labour and productivity faced the press and told Ndi Anambra to vote for APC to take over the governance of Anambra state and when we do, the APC government will demolish the three bridges at Awka and build new bridges .

I took that statement as a political statement and ignored the bearded minister until he responded to questions few days ago on "Fireworks TVC news"
According to Dr Ngige who called the three flyovers "monstrous flyovers" which should be pulled down immediately APC occupies Agu-Awka government house.
Onwa Alor said that the bridges have structural defect but the last time I checked, Ngige was not a structural Engineer but a medical doctor.
It's on record that Ngige governed Anambra state for three years but built no bridge ( not even one meter) 
Is it jealousy gone on rampage?
Does Dr Ngige use those bridges whenever he comes to Awka? Emphatically YES!
Doesn't that make him a hypocrite which I always call "the cardinal sin"?

Dr Chris Ngige should stop being in the news for the wrong reasons.
Onwa Alor ,some months ago told Igbo's to stop complaining about Buhari's marginalization scheme because Igbos didn't invest in Buhari's campaign. So sad!


(1)....He should tell us the capital projects built in south-east from the 1.3tr naira the federal government spent last year on capital project.

(2) ......He should tell us the reasons Anambra state was not included among I6 states that was given #1.6b to control flooding this years rainy season .The decision on the states to benefit was decided at FEC meeting  which Ngige attends and not at the hallowed chambers.

(3)....He should tell us the reasons he has not used his position to push for the refund of #43b to Anambra state government being money spent on federal projects by Anambra state government.

(4) .....He should tell us the reasons he has not reached out to his colleagues in medical profession who have embarked on strike.
Teaching hospitals have embarked on strike .
For so long, doctors and civil servants have continually told Dr Chris Ngige to do something about their minimum wage but he was busy strategizing on how to demolish the three fly overs at AWKA instead of hearing the cry of the civil servants.

For the first time,AWKA , the capital of Anambra state looks like state capital .
The three fly overs at Amawbia, Kwata and Arroma , do not only beautify the city but reduce traffic jam.Residents of AWKA and drivers who use the bridges are full of gratitude to Gov Willie Obiano.
The likes of Dr Ngige who governed this state for three years without building a bridge should be ashamed of themselves.
Come out on Nov 18........,
Vote APGA again...................
To keep Willie Working............

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