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By comrd  Zitenwa Ikokwu a political and economic analyst

I don't know why people are bent on comparing Peter Obi's eight years tenure and Willie obiano's three years in office.
We all knew that during Peter Obi's tenure Nigeria was in the era of oil boom,which ended in 2015 followed by the blowing of oil pipeline by the Niger delta avengers and the whole movie now landed us into a terrible recession that swept across the country, which affected all sectors of our economy Obiano was only two year in office by then..

Before the recession came to being, gov Willie Obiano was doing perfectly well in all the sectors of the economy most especially in security, agriculture, education which Peter Obi has already led a good and strong foundation for a perfect take off ( no doubt)  and also workers welfare which gave him the name "alert governor ". 

Gov Willie Obiano dealt with the security issue that everybody knows Anambra state to be having with stick and carrot approach, he gave the kidnappers that turned Anambra state into their haven even during Peter Obi's reign as the governor  a run for their blood money ( Evans relocated to Lagos state to seek greener pastures there).
Obiano turned upper iweka the abode of crime, hoodlums, drug peddlers, picking pockets criminals and miscreants into "love garden" Before, you dare not walk or pass through upper iweka axis of onitsha without harassment from these men of the under world, which during Peter Obi's tenure a police officer was murdered in blood day light at ontisha owerri Road axis of that geographical territory. 
Upper iweka was worst than the "Kalakuta Republic". But once Willie took over power he told them to get ready for a fight to finish which in very short period he emerged victorious by fighting them to a standstill, he brought them to their pitiful knees.

Gov Willie Obiano was the first governor to purchase smart bikes with morden day security gadgets and well equipped smart vechicles for Anambra state police for effective policing. 
Our security conscious governor donated well equipped speed boats to the Nigeria navy for them to safeguard and man our water ways.
As if that one was not enough gov Willie Obiano organised the state vigilante groups into one body for effective local and community policing of our various communities, towns and streets even into hinterlands where the police don't have access to.

Gov Willie Obiano was doing more with the little resources at his disposal when other state governors were battling on how to pay their workers their dividends, Willie was busy commissioning  and constructing new roads, building bridges, superb flyovers and most importantly paying Anambra state workers every 25th of every month which the APC led federal govt led by the minister of finance Kemi Adeosun invited Willie over to under study the magic of paying workers before entering the next month. This is to mention but few things he did with the great holocaust recession that has bedevilled Nigeria for a year and still counting. 

Chief Willie Obiano did these wonderful things in Anambra state under three years of his sojourn in Anambra state I think if given the opportunity by ndi Anambra to return ,i personally believe that he will surpass Mr Peter Obi's eight years sojourn in Agu awka.

Ndi Anambra remember we've a date with Willie on 11/18/2017 maka na Ochiri mma ga achi ozo!!

Vote Willie Vote APGA our great party 

By comrd  Zitenwa Ikokwu a political and economic analyst

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